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Grandfather who was bitten by one of the world's deadliest snake says a mobile phone app saved his life


A grandfather bitten by a deadly snake in remote bushland in Western Australia says he's lucky to be alive, thanks to a mobile phone app.

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I  see your story on a recently severed head, however I want to raise the problem with souvenir rattlesnake skulls. My ex-husband was posted to Arizona where he bought our then 8 year old son a rattlesnake skull as a souvenir. My daughter was playing with the skull and playfully had it playful bite my son. 20 minutes later we are on our way to the hospital as my sons hand had swelled to double its size. The Ottawa Hospital was shocked to have a rattlesnake bite come in and immediately requisitioned antivenom to be flown up from the US. Luckily the swelling never went beyond his hand.

My ex called the store in Arizona and they were really helpful. They estimated the rattlesnake skull was between 6 months to a year old when we got it. Apparently the people who supply them empty the fangs as best they can; however, there is always a trace amount that remains and it gets tacky and thicker inside the fangs. When the fangs pierced my sons skin his blood rehydrated the venom enough to enter his blood stream. If you have a rattlesnake skull and are worried, the store did recommend soaking the skull in vinegar and baking sofa overnight to neutralize the venom. By then I had already put a few drops of crazy glue on the tip and in the hole at the end of the fangs.

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Texas man almost dies after he is bitten by the SEVERED head of a rattlesnake that he chopped off in his backyard - and needs 26 doses of ANTIVENOM to survive

Texas man almost dies after being bitten by rattlesnake's severed head

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - A South Texas man almost died after he was bitten by the head of a rattlesnake he'd just decapitated. The incident happened May 27 as Milo and Jennifer Sutcliffe were doing yard work at their home near Lake Corpus Christi. Jennifer said her husband found a 4-foot rattlesnake and hacked off its head with a shovel. As he bent down to pick up the remains, he was bitten by the severed head. 'Which in that case since there is no body, it released all its venom into him at that point, so he had a lot of venoms,' Jennifer said to KIII-TV. He began having seizures, losing his vision and bleeding internally and was airlifted the rest of the way. Jennifer said her husband needed 26 doses of antivenom, whereas a normal patient gets two to four.

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