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PICTURED: Tragic dog walker and the eight-foot alligator which killed her as she tried to save her beloved pooch but was dragged underwater at a South Carolina lagoon

Woman killed by alligator while walking her dog in South Carolina

A woman has been killed by an eight-foot alligator while out walking her dog near a lagoon in a gated community in South Carolina.  Cassandra Cline, 45, was attacked on Monday on Hilton Head Island at about 9:30am. The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office said witnesses called 911 to report at that the alligator had attacked the woman near a lagoon off Wood Duck Road in the Sea Pines Plantation.


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Sad, Florida allows to many gators near people.

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Divers find body of woman who was dragged into lake by 12-foot alligator while walking her dogs - hours after her ARM was discovered inside the beast

Body of woman who was dragged into Florida lake by an enormous 12-foot alligator is found

The body of a woman whose arm was found inside an alligator (left which is believed to have dragged her to her death was found late Friday evening by search and rescue teams in Florida. Shizuka Matsuki, 47, was found dead by the Law Enforcement Division of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at around 10:00pm Friday at Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park (top right) in Davie. The Commission said it would be conducting an investigation, though it offered no new details. Matsuki's friends and relatives are seen bottom right.


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DAVIE, Fla. - An arm was found inside an alligator that was caught in a Davie lake Friday, sources told Local 10 News.

The body part is believed to be that of a missing woman who disappeared while walking her dogs at the Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park.



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