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As the child of a Roman Catholic mother and a orthodox christian father I have a unique sportive on the Bible. It has never been a static document. Even today it is being re-written and it's language revised into language we use today with today understanding Example: the Good News bible. Its is inspired by God I do believe, even the books that have never made it into what we consider the proper and correct books today. All these books offer a different viewpoint and perspective. The should make you think about what is written. I do not take the bible as the exact words of God, but as a Roman Catholic I appreciate that our church interprets the word for us. There are many contradictions in the bible, I like it that my church provides some guidance on what they mean and on how to put the teachings into my daily life.


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DC prepares for $500m opening of the Museum of the Bible which will house portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls and even Babe Ruth's own missal 


The 430,000-square-foot attraction, three blocks away from the Capitol in Washington DC, will open in November with the goal of demonstrating how the Bible has affected American life.

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