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Employees of NASCAR and NFL are not protected by the First Amendment. First Amendment does not apply to employers. If you work somewhere and disrespect your boss or other employees with your words (or actions) you can be fired on the spot. If that wasn't the case, then sexual harassment would be fine to do. The NFL writes their rule book daily to fit their agenda. I really don't see anyone kneeling at the Daytona 500.


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Only NASCAR, led by total morons could destroy the positive image that their owners showed yesterday with this total PC Crap, that NASCAR has embraced lately.  Here they had the chance to get higher ratings by being American, no they shot themselves.  NASCAR needs to be out of the France Family who has absolutely gone NUTS in the 3rd generation!

Even NASCAR turns on Trum and says respecting the flag means also reflecting right to protest


An official statement from NASCAR defended the right to 'peacefully express one's opinion' - just hours after President Trump praised the sport's fans for not 'disrespecting our Country or our Flag.

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