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The Catalans are sea farer merchants since the area was the most prosperous region trading with mighty Carthage. Despite the brutal crackdown by Madrid they bit their lips and in their typically cool headed way they are preapring for the 21st December elections. Not only will the pro independence parties get a majority, that majority will also increase from the current 73/135 to 76 possibly even 77 seats in the 135 seat chamber. Once this happens there will be no stopping the civil unrest and Rajoy will have no choice but to backdown and begin negotiating a 5 to 7 year path to full independence for Catalonia. The polls that claim less than a quarter of Catalan Voters favor independence are as trustworthy as the body that funded them (the EU)...


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Deposed Catalan leader brands the EU 'a club of decadent countries controlled by a small few' as he calls for region’s own Brexit 


The pro-independence politician attacked the organisation as outdated in an interview for Israeli TV after his failed attempts to get European backing for his cause from his hideaway in Brussels.


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Catalan crisis: Spain's Rajoy vows to end 'separatist havoc. 

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Catalan People's Party (PP) president Xavier Garcia Albiol wave as they arrive at a Catalan regional People"s Party meeting in Barcelona, Spain 12 November 2017Image copyrightREUTERSImage captionPM Mariano Rajoy (L) joined the leader of his PP party in Catalonia for campaigning on Sunday

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has said regional elections next month in Catalonia will help end "separatist havoc" in the north-eastern region.

He addressed a campaign event on his first visit there since imposing direct rule on the region a fortnight ago.

Defending his decision in Barcelona, he said he had "exhausted all roads" after the Catalan government's unilateral declaration of independence last month.

Several key Catalan leaders are currently being detained over the move.

Some 750,000 people protested in Barcelona on Saturday against the arrests, local police estimated.


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Rubber bullets fired at pro-independence crowd...

Volatile and Unpredictable Vote... 

IT systems 'shut down'... 

Separatists Defiant...

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