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Multi-state salmonella outbreak linked to pre-cut melon sickens 60 people


Sixty people were infected by the outbreak and 31 people were hospitalized, the CDC said, adding that no deaths have been reported.


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India Sues Nestlé For $100 Million After Lead Found In Noodles


In an unprecedented move, India is seeking colossal damages from Nestlé following a massive food safety scandal. 

Laboratory tests found unsafe levels of lead in Maggi Noodles, a popular brand of instant noodles sold across the country. The tests also detected MSG, which contradicts the brand's message of "No Added MSG."

India's food safety regulators declared the salty snack "unsafe and hazardous for human consumption," and shopkeepers yanked the bright yellow packets from the shelves in June. 

The Indian government filed a class-action suit against Nestlé India for unfair trade practices and the sale of defective goods. Reuters reports that this is the first time India has gone after a foreign corporation to avenge customers.


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Many Americans Don't Handle 
Poultry Safely When Cooking, 
Study Finds

Too few use food thermometers, too many wash 
and store meat in way that spreads germs, researcher 



Rinsing raw poultry in the sink can actually spread bacteria to other foods and kitchen surfaces.


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Planned food safety rules rile organic farmers

Local growers are discovering that proposed FDA regulations would curtail many common techniques, such as using house-made fertilizers and irrigating from creeks.

Virginia Bill Would Exempt Homes, Small Farms From Food Safety Laws

The cottage food movement that has gained traction in the states since about 2010 is continuing to take hold this legislative season.

Current law recently crafted in Virginia permits unlicensed home kitchens operating without inspections to produce a long list of cottage foods that can be sold in homes or at farmer’s markets. And, for most products, there is no sales limit. Take an extra step and obtain a license as a home food processor, and a home kitchen in Virginia can produce almost any type of food.


Bad beef: Meat company recalls almost 9 MILLION pounds of meat from 'diseased and unsound animals'

Included in the recall were beef carcasses, heads, cheeks,livers, feet, and tongues in 20 pound boxes or larger

8.7 million pounds of meat from the Rancho Feeding Corporation in Northern California have been recalled due to meat that was not inspected and therefore is potentially harmful.

Does organic produce need to be washed?
Based on analysis of more than 100,000 US government pesticide results, it named and shamed peaches, apples and bell peppers as the top three fruit and vegetables to hold the highest levels of pesticide residue.

But don't let this instil a false sense of security - health professionals are adamant that all fresh produce should be cleaned to remove potential pathogens.

This includes organic. In fact, critics of organic produce are at pains to point out that the spinach in the 2007 outbreak of E coli in Californian was grown using "organic methods". Perhaps more significantly, it was also processed using industrial methods. Even produce sold as "pre-washed" needs to be washed. 

However, rather than providing extra security, pack-house innovations (including chlorine) make me want to empty leafy greens into the sink as soon as I buy them, scrub potatoes and peel carrots. In fact, it actually makes me want to steer clear of pre-washed or pre-bagged at all. I would even use a pH-balanced fruit and vegetable wash (from whole-food stores or online from that lifts off and kills pathogens on fresh-cut produce.

Tammy Barney

2 Chronicles 7:14                

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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Are you eating HORSE? Researchers find 20 per cent of samples of 'ground beef' sold in the US contain the illegal meat

Deceptive Labeling
Brussels Plans Tougher Organic Food Rules

Deceptive Labeling: Brussels Plans Tougher Organic Food Rules

The European Commission plans to tighten rules on the booming organic food sector due to concerns that many products aren't as pure as claimed. More rigorous checks are needed and loopholes must be removed, says a draft paper seen by SPIEGEL. By Christoph Schult more... Comment ]


Nestlé will soon begin testing its products on human brain and liver cells

Nestlé will soon begin testing its products on human brain and liver cells, reports The Wall Street Journal, in a bid to find out exactly how healthy foods and drinks are good for us.

The food products giant will obtain the cells from a biotech firm to examine how nutritionally enhanced drinks, smoothies and other products can have medical benefits. Nestlé’s deal to obtain the stem-cell-like cells made from mature human cells from Cellular Dynamics International Inc. will be officially announced this week, according to the WSJ.

Nestlé competitors like the yogurt giant Danone have also been investing in nutrition or medically enhanced products, with the worldwide market for health and wellness food and beverages is forecast to grow from $772 billion in 2013 to $944 billion in 2018.

Read more: Nestlé Will Test Health Foods on Human Brain Cells |

Leaked! Food Lobby Threatens to Sue Any State that Tries to Label GMOs

[gmoearthx2]Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
Activist Post

Apparently GMOs are so awesome and wonderful, the companies that sell them are doing everything they can to keep people from knowing it.

The Organic Consumers Association is reporting that the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association — the mega lobby group that represents 300+ companies and much more than just grocery stores — is using a leaked talking points memo to basically misinform and intimidate our legislators with threats of lawsuits should they even attempt to back a GMO labeling law in their state.

This is the same organization that is petitioning to allow GMOs to be considered “natural” on food packaging, and the same group that is trying to get a weak voluntary federal law passed to preempt the adoption of any meaningful labeling legislation at the state level.

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