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As long as Germany continues to spread prostrate before the enemy (RADICAL ISLAM)  They don't have a chance to survive.

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The EU was HITLER'S idea and it proves Germany WON the Second World War, claims new book

 Adolf Hitler orginally came up with the plan for the EU, the book says[GETTY]

The Nazis wanted to get rid of the clutter of small nations which made up Europe and their plan was quite simple. The EU was Hitler's dream.

Daniel J Beddowes and Falvio Cipollini

'The EU: The Truth About The Fourth Reich - How Hitler Won The Second World War' argues the single currency, the free market and even the phrase "United States of Europe" were all dreamt up by high ranking Nazis, including the Fuhrer himself.

It also claims the only country which benefits from the EU is Germany - just as Hitler planned.

A spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats - which its leader Nick Clegg describes as the "party of in" when it comes to the EU - dismissed the authors of the book as "peddling outlandish myths".

The book, co-written by Daniel J Beddowes and Falvio Cipollini, says: "What is the EU for? Who really benefits? And the answer is of course Germany. 

"It is no coincidence that just about every country in the European Union is getting poorer while Germany continues to get richer and richer. 

"We may think we won the Second World War. But we lost. It is no surprise that we are all living in the Fourth Reich. 

"Knowingly or not those who support and defend the European Union are supporting the Nazi legacy."

Under a chapter heading 'The EU was inspired an designed by Nazis', the authors claim: "Hitler was the man who gave bones to the dreams first expressed by Charlemagne and Napoleon but the finishing touches to the EU as we know it were put in place during World War II by a man called Walther Funk, who was President of the Reichsbank and a director of the Bank for International Settlements.

"It was Funk who predicted the coming of European economic unity. Funk was also Adolf Hitler's economics minister and his key economics advisor."

It continues: "The Nazis wanted to get rid of the clutter of small nations which made up Europe and their plan was quite simple. The EU was Hitler's dream."

The book argues it is no coincidence that the EU is so close to Hitler's plan for post-war Europe.

According to the authors: "In 1945, Hitler's Masterplan was captured by the Allies. The Plan included details of his scheme to create an economic integration of Europe and to found a European Union on a federal basis. 

"The Nazi plan for a federal Europe was based on Lenin's belief that 'federation is a transitional form towards complete union of all nations'. 

"It is impossible to find a difference between Hitler's plan for a new United States of Europe, dominated by Germany, and the European Union we have today."


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EU leaders breathe a sigh of relief as Dutch plump for the status-quo over far-right MP Geert Wilders 


German Chancellor Angela Merkel described Mark Rutte's win as 'a good day for democracy'. Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the European Commission, said it was a victory for 'the values Europe stands for'.


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Germany once again aspires to a position on the world stage, and is making preparations for that role. Her military weaponry is among the best in the world. Her modernized army is considered the best in Europe. German pilots are being trained at several bases in America. Meanwhile, the armed forces of Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have been cut to the bone and are dependent upon the over-extended forces of America. History records that dark forces in Germany have exploited this situation before. Bible prophecies reveal that our allies will suddenly turn on us (Jeremiah 4:30Ezekiel 23:5–1022–23). Modern observers saw how quickly East Germans shed decades of communist indoctrination, and they wonder whether West Germans, confronted with a crisis, might shed more than 50 years of democratic indoctrination and revert to more authoritarian ways based on self-interest and self aggrandizement (The German Question & Other German Questions, Schoenbaum & Pond, p. 148). They conclude that "most likely, old diseases will reappear [in Germany] in new, surprising strains not covered in any textbook" (ibid.). Historian Richard Overy comments that "history has the unhappy habit of springing surprises" (Evening Standard, May 15, 2002). Bible prophecies indicate this will happen. The next time Germany will undoubtedly strike first at the nation it perceives could be its most powerful adversary. A clash of eagles is coming. We need to be alert to the lessons of history and the warnings of Scripture!

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The real danger isn’t Brexit. It’s EU break-up

In a blowback from globalisation a feeling of discontent with the establishment, with the old system, a feeling that politics is broken and not fit for purpose, is spreading not only within the UK but also across Europe, and most visibly now in the presidential primaries on the other side of the Atlantic. It feels as if we are facing a crisis of governance. At a popular level, the bad mood is turning into anger, and anger is looking for targets. The latest target in Europe is Europe itself and its establishment, the union.

To overcome this assault, the EU will have to introduce a genuine democratic political process to its workings. Sixty years ago a technocratic way of operation for supranational European institutions made perfect sense, and it worked. They were also seen as legitimate. Remember, they were created first and foremost to prevent war. Nobody in their right mind would have demanded for Germany and the rest, so soon after the experience with Nazism and other European dictatorships, the kind of democracy that we imagine today. It wouldn’t have worked; it would have been dangerous. Later, Margaret Thatcher’s answer to democracy in Brussels anyway was emphatic: “No, no, no!”


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Germany's Gabriel says EU break-up no longer unthinkable


Germany's insistence on austerity in the euro zone has left Europe more divided than ever and a break-up of the European Union is no longer inconceivable, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told Der Spiegel magazine.

Gabriel, whose Social Democrats (SPD) are junior partner to Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives in her ruling grand coalition, said strenuous efforts by countries like France and Italy to reduce their fiscal deficits came with political risks.

"Stand with anybody that stands RIGHT. Stand with him while he is right and PART with him when he goes wrong." --Abraham Lincoln
Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable - a most sacred right - a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.

Abraham Lincoln
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