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Self-righteous Hillary was 'so mad she couldn't think straight' and Bill gave aides an 'a** chewing': Inside her doomed campaign's bickering and denial as she careened to defeat

Inside Hillary Clinton's doomed campaign

A new book is laying bare the bickering and failing Hillary Clinton campaign. Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign reveals how she would not admit her own role in its failure. It also reveals how Bill Clinton was part of the failure, giving aides an 'a**-chewing' over the scandal of her secret service - blaming them for not keeping it out of the media. Among those on the receiving end of her ire were (top right) Jake Sullivan, who played her in a mock debate and who she turned on viciously, barely letting him say a word. She told Robbie Mook (center right) they had got their tactics wrong when Bernie Sanders beat her in Michigan; when they gathered in the office of Huma Abedin (bottom right) for one call she let rip in a conference call and sounded like a 'disappointed teacher or mother delivering a lecture before a whipping'.

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