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Only in the good old US of A, where nobody takes a knee!


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Fast and VERY furious! Shocking moment an Indiana race-car driver plows OVER his rival's vehicle - leading to a fistfight and one of the men being stun-gunned by police

  • Shawn Cullen, 42, and Jeffrey Swinford, 40, collided three times on Saturday
  • The last hit left both men parked on the verge of Indiana's Anderson Speedway 
  • Swinford drove up to Cullen and smashed into him, getting stuck on his hood
  • Cullen then dived out of his vehicle and began pummeling Swinford
  • He only stopped when a police officer arrived and tased and cuffed him
  • Both men were arrested, hauled off and charged with misdemeanor offenses
  • Anderson Speedway's owner says Swinford will never race on his track again 

Two drivers literally drove each other crazy in Indiana on Saturday when a speedway race escalated into a combined demolition derby and fistfight that only ended when one driver was tased.

The footage, shot at the Anderson Speedway 35 miles from Indianapolis, shows a pair flying off the track after one clips the other on a tight turn.

Furious, one of the drivers then takes his vehicle up to his opponent - then over him. Things go downhill from there.

Scroll down for video

Driven crazy: This is the shocking moment Jeffrey Swinford, 40, drove over competitor Shawn Cullen, 42, at Anderson Speedway on Saturday; the pair had collided three times earlier
Electric action: Cullen then attacked Swinford, but was tased by this police officer as the pit crew (in green shirts) stood by helplessly - and the crowd cheered
Race car driver shot with stun gun after crash leads to fight

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