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The people who spent $20 million to collect 6. See story below. We need to abolish the IRS

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The one campaign promise President Trump made that meant the most to me was no one who makes less than 25k will pay if this was done this article would not even need to be printed let alone show what a failed Government institution the I.R.S. is who's own rules and laws are so many that no one could understand them all and Billions are wasted by hard working people to pay others to do there Taxes!

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The Internal Revenue Service is about to start using four private debt-collection companies to chase down overdue payments from hundreds of thousands of people who owe money to the federal government, a job it has handled in house for years.

Unlike I.R.S. agents, who are not usually allowed to call delinquent taxpayers by telephone, the outside debt-collection agencies will have free rein to do so. Consumer watchdogs are fearful that some of the nation’s most vulnerable taxpayers will be harassed and that criminals will take advantage of the system by phoning people and impersonating I.R.S. collectors.

Additionally, one of the four companies that the I.R.S. has hired, Pioneer Credit Recovery, a subsidiary of Navient, was effectively fired two years ago by the Education Department from its contract to collect delinquent debt for misleading borrowers about their loans at what the department called “unacceptably high rates.”

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