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Michigan state SUED for 'illegally taking blood from 5 million newborns to use in medical research without asking families'

In this March 23, 2018 photo, Philip Ellison poses for a photo with Patton Ellison at his firm Outside Legal Counsel in Hemlock, Mich. If you were born in Michigan in July 1984 or later, you may be among more than five million people whose blood is being held by the state of Michigan, some of which may be used in medical research. Philip Ellison is suing the state on behalf of a group of parents who say the state did not obtain proper consent for their newborns' blood to be drawn or stored. (Henry Taylor/The Flint via AP)

Since 1984, the state has collected and stored blood from around five million babies, but there aren't protections in place to stop police or others from accessing information derived from the samples.

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