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Keep getting your kids their flu jab folks. It will make them susceptible to everything else under the sun, but at least they won't get flu. Oh wait... Flu jab is only 20% effective this year. Oh well, never mind.

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Polio-like disease spreads to 31 states: Officials confirm 116 cases of the mystery illness which causes paralysis



The rare and poorly-understood disease acute flaccid myelitis has been diagnosed in a further 10 people in the US over the past week. Colorado and Texas have been the worst hit states so far this year.

IT's NOT POLIO LIKE- It's vaccine induced polio!

Mysterious polio-like disease that leaves children paralysed has reached a record high in the US with 158 cases this year 


Mysterious polio-like disease has reached a record high with 158 cases this year

Acute flaccid myelitis, which leaves youngsters unable to move their face, neck, back or limbs, has had nine more confirmed cases so far this year than in 2016 and a staggering 155 more than when the disease emerged just six years ago. Pictured is five-year-old Carter Roberts, of Richmond, Virginia, who died in September after catching the disease in 2016.


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