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We will never get the truth about this. The inconsistencies in the events as they seem to have happened and Ted K's version of it are just too obvious so as to make the incident and the stories attached to it as murky as the waters he drove into. A simple perusal of youtube documentaries and interviews with the diver (first responder) will leave many questions as to what happened. Many people who had critical info were not ALLOWED to testify. Evidence of large quantities of air in the vehicles trunk and the position of her body in the car leaning into the wheel well (the presumed source of air within the vehicle) strongly indicate she eventually suffocated. During the embalming, there was only 1/2 cup of water removed from her organs. Typically in a drowning, quarts of water are removed. 

This was a cover up but it calls into question whether Ted was even in the vehicle at all. Very strange series of events. Eye witnesses claimed Kennedy was relaxed and carefree in the morning until a visit from one of his friends at which time he became extremely anxious and agitated. He was covering up infidelity, not murder is the conclusion I came to after listening to the various interviews and experts.

I'd so like to know why he said that MJ wanted a lift to her hotel but then why did she not take her leave of her party friends or take her bag and hotel keys with her? She must have been planning on returning to the cottage. I've never thought of it before now, but what was Mary Jo thinking herself? In any case as everyody else is saying he acted in a cowardly manner - it must be human instinct to try and rescue somebody.

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'Real men don't leave their dates to drown in a locked car': Fury over New York Times opinion piece calling Chappaquiddick film a 'character assassination' of Sen. Ted Kennedy which 'distorts a tragedy'


In a NY Times opinion piece about 'Chappaquiddick,' a film released Friday illustrating the aftermath of Sen. Ted Kennedy's car crash, the writer calls the storyline 'character assassination'.


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Producer claims 'very powerful people' tried to stop his movie about Chappaquiddick scandal when Ted Kennedy crashed his car and left a young woman to drown off Martha's Vineyard in 1969

Producer claims 'very powerful people' tried to stop his movie about Chappaquiddick

The chief executive from the film studio behind a movie about the Chappaquiddick scandal has said he was pressured to dump the project. Byron Allen, the CEO of Entertainment Studios and the executive producer of Chappaquiddick, says ‘some very powerful people…tried to put pressure’ on him ‘not to release this movie.’ Chappaquiddick refers to the island next to Martha’s Vineyard which was the site of a 1969 car accident that killed Mary Jo Kopechne (inset), a female companion of then-Senator Ted Kennedy (right). Allen is seen left with the film's stars - Jason Clarke (far left), Kate Mara (second from left) and Ed Helms (far right).

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