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I had a friend that I trusted very much, he wrote me the following many years ago:
Living in Dallas at the time there is no doubt in my mind the Kennedy Assassination was at the hands of those within our government. LBJ was the first person that crossed my mind at the time. Having worked in a building just two blocks from the School Book Depository, when I looked at the published parade route in the paper the first thought that crossed my mind was, "No one with any sense would have set that route up simply because there were too many old buildings that were virtually vacant." No way it was a secure route or could have been made a secure route. That particular area also offered multiple "escape" routes for any wood be assassin. We'll never know the full truth for the simple reason too many Kennedy political enemies existed within the government. Enemies that had the power and position to deflect any investigation to being how they wanted to end it. LBJ and J.Edgar Hoover might easily have been co-conspirators with the help of persons within the CIA. The one thing that I'm certain of after having seen an enhanced version of the Zapruder film the shot that killed Kennedy did not come from the School Book Depository. The angle was totally wrong for his head to have moved as it did upon the impact of a bullet. Additionally, the "splatter" of brain matter upon the bullet impact reflect the shot had to come from the wall behind the grassy knoll. The bullet that hit John Connolly may well have been fired from the School Book Depository.
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I am sure that many Americans think that people inside the government were behind both Kennedy assasinations - and that the mafia and other deep state types had their hands involved.

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(Not new news... LBJ, CIA and DEEP STATE used Mafia to kill BOTH Kennedy's...)


Richard Nixon thought Lyndon Johnson killed John F. Kennedy, according to legendary political operative Roger Stone.

“Richard Nixon told me in 1982 that he immediately knew who Jack Ruby was when he saw him shoot Oswald,” Stone told The Daily Caller in an extensive interview.

Stone’s new book The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ is currently tearing up the Amazon bestseller list and even earned praise from Ron Paul.

Among other revelations, Stone told TheDC that Nixon hired Jack Ruby as a House committee informant at Johnson’s request years prior to the Kennedy assassination, which occurred 50 years ago today.

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