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The Red Juice in Raw Red Meat is Not Blood

for those worried about Biblical laws of eating blood...

[raw-meat]Today I found out the red juice in raw red meat is not blood. Nearly all blood is removed from meat during slaughter, which is also why you don’t see blood in raw “white meat”; only an extremely small amount of blood remains within the muscle tissue when you get it from the store.

So what is that red liquid you are seeing in red meat?  Red meats, such as beef, are composed of quite a bit of water.  This water, mixed with a protein called myoglobin, ends up comprising most of that red liquid.

In fact, red meat is distinguished from white meat primarily based on the levels of myoglobin in the meat.  The more myoglobin, the redder the meat.  Thus most animals, such as mammals, with a high amount of myoglobin, are considered “red meat”, while animals with low levels of myoglobin, like most poultry, or no myoglobin, like some sea-life, are considered “white meat”.


The health benefits of eating raw meat?

by Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home on July 1, 08

in Nutrition

This is completely new territory for me. Though I have been promoting raw dairy products for quite some time now, and I am a mighty big fan of sushi, I never imagined that I would actually be convinced that eating raw meat could possibly a good thing!

Nourishing Traditions[image] has (so far) been my primary source of learning in this area, though I am aware that there are many others out there with similar opinions. The reasons listed for the inclusion of raw meat in the diet, and what it specifically offers nutritionally are many, and I will get into a few of them. First, though, I thought it was very interesting to note this:

"When Dr. Weston Price made his pioneering studies of primitive peoples around the world, he was struck by the fact that almost every group he visited age a certain amount of their animal protein raw." Sally Fallon, Nourishing Traditions

Almost every group! Now, my husband and I have had discussions regarding all of this "eating traditional foods" stuff, and one of his arguments (because he likes to play devil's advocate with me to force me to think through my arguments more clearly), and so let's state up front that just because almost every cultural group did it does not necessarily make it right or nourishing (though it does make it worth looking into).

Instead, let's examine some of the arguments for (and against) and the studies or anecdotal evidence for it's benefits (and quickly state that when I refer to raw animal products, I am referring to raw meat, of course, but also raw dairy and fish):

Raw animal products contains B vitamins that are difficult to obtain elsewhere

Effects of cooking on minerals

Eating more red meat does NOT hurt your heart: New study insists larger portions of beef and pork can actually be GOOD for blood pressure



A Purdue University study found eating more than the recommended daily amount of red meat does not affect short-term heart disease risk factors, such as blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

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