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Keith Ellison’s more recent girlfriend and accuser, Karen Monahan, says she has a video that confirms her allegations against him, but doesn’t intend to release it.

She told MPR News that she would not be posting the video for many reasons, including that it’s traumatizing, humiliating and sets an expectation that abuse survivors must prove their stories.

I doubt whether the video exists, but the multiple claims of sexual assault against Deputy Democratic National Committee Chairman Keith Ellison are not so easily dismissed. The Minnesota primary, in which Ellison is running for Attorney General, is tomorrow. We will soon see how seriously Democratic Party voters take allegations of sexual assault against a far-left candidate. 

UPDATE: Cillian Zeal has more on Ellison’s abusive history as it relates to Amy Alexander:

“I regret that like many, I too was duped by Keith Ellison’s considerable charm,” Minnesota Democrat activist Amy L. Alexander wrote in the Wright County Republican back in October of 2006. “I was seduced by the idea of what I thought he represented.”
By 2004, Alexander had returned to Minnesota and the relationship reignited, leading to an alleged incident of abuse when things fell apart in 2005.

“In May, Keith wanted to try and quiet me so he came to my home uninvited,” Alexander wrote. “We had words. His anger kicked in. He berated me. He grabbed me and pushed me out of the way. I was terrified. I called the police. As he fled he broke my screen door. I have never been so scared.”

And then, when Ellison ran for Congress, he tried to intimidate her into staying quiet, even with the restraining order.


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and the list is still growing in 2018!
#MeToo Snares More Than 400 High-Profile People...

Originally Posted by leaningleft
It's a sad time we live in. Our young girls do not even know better than to be treated badly.

All The Liberal Journos Accused Of Sexual Misconduct In 2017


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Notice again: Black and Dem....... The real War on Women - LIBERALS!

Top Democrat Congressman propositioned policy expert for sex - then threatened to ruin her career when she said 'no', reveals House report that CLEARED him of harassment 

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 29:  Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) speaks during a debate at a committee meeting July 29, 2014 at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. The committee met to formulate a rule on providing the authority to begin litigation for actions by the President or other executive branch officials inconsistent with their duties under the Constitution of the United States. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Democrat Congressman Alcee Hastings, 78, who represents areas including Palm Beach, Florida, was cleared of sexual harassment charges by fellow Congress members.


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Woman walks through Mumbai for 10 hours in vest top and mini-skirt and receives NO sexual harassment... in stark contrast to similar video shot in New York


In stark contrast to a similar video set in New York, there were no instances of blatant sexual harassment experienced by subject Pooja Singh when she walked around Mumbai for 10 hours. Unlike the cat calls, wolf whistles and rape threats seen in the New York video, the worst thing Indian men did was stare.

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