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PIERS MORGAN: Fly the Friendly Skies? You get better treatment on Con Air than on most domestic US airlines

PIERS MORGAN: Domestic US airlines are worse than Con Air

PIERS MORGAN: Until this morning, I didn't think anyone would displace the executive team at Pepsi as public relations chumps of the year after their hideous debacle of a commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. Then along came the geniuses at United Airlines, whose company motto, hilariously, is: "Fly the Friendly Skies". Try purring that cosy little line to the poor man dragged semi-conscious and bleeding profusely off a United plane at Chicago Airport on Sunday night. He was informed that United needed him to leave the plane because it was 'overbooked' and they needed his seat for one of four of their own cabin crew to fly down to Louisville to service another plane. When he resisted, they grabbed him forcefully, causing him to scream out. Then they smashed his face into a headrest, knocking him unconscious, and pulled him aggressively down the aisle, humiliatingly exposing his chest in the process as his shirt rode up, before exiting the plane.

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