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As in the words of Hillary, what different does it make.

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Second black man to die in apartment of wealthy Democrat donor Ed Buck, 63, in 18 months was a 55-year-old gay former PORNSTAR

Pictured: Former gay porn star and second black man to die in apartment of Democrat donor

Timothy Dean, 55, was a former gay porn star who had long been living not far from Democratic donor Ed Buck's apartment in West Hollywood, California where he was found dead on Monday. Dean was more famously known as Hole Hunter and had participated in mostly Interracial scenes. Buck (inset) is now under investigation over the death of Mr Dean, who is the second black man to be found dead in the wealthy 63-year-old's apartment in 18 months.


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'Cops have blood on their hands': Protests erupt outside wealthy Democrat donor Ed Buck's home after SECOND man dies there as police investigation into first death of male prostitute is slammed

Protests erupt outside wealthy Democrat donor Ed Buck's home

More than 100 people gathered (right) at the house of Edward Buck in West Hollywood on Monday night to demand the activist be arrested. Buck - a regular donor to Democratic campaigns including Hillary Clinton's presidential bid - was investigated for a suspected murder when Gemmel Moore (right inset), 26, was found dead of a meth overdose in July 2017. Buck (pictured right with Mrs Clinton) was again interviewed by police yesterday after another black man, in his 50s, died in his presence although the cause is not yet known. Jasmyne Cannick (left), a public affairs strategist who has worked with Gemmel Moore's family, said the DA and Sheriff's Department 'have blood on their hands' for failing to properly investigate the donor. The Moore case was closed after the Los Angeles District Attorney found insufficient evidence to prosecute. Left inset: the body of the second man is taken away yesterday.

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