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Mysterious creature resembling a house-elf from Harry Potter that was found hiding under a car in Florida is revealed to be a sickly hairless RACCOON

Sick mythical looking Harry Potter creature revealed to be a raccoon

A unusual hairless creature that bore a striking resemblance to House-elf from Harry Potter was revealed to be a severely ill raccoon that passed away on Wednesday. The Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge in Orange County, Florida, shared several Facebook posts this week that showed the terrified animal after it was rescued Friday from underneath a car. The wildlife rescue service said the raccoon was brought in for medical treatment on Saturday.


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here's another to ad to the list:

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Is Nessie dead in America? Mystery as sea creature 'resembling the Loch Ness Monster' washes up on Georgia beach


On Friday, Jeff Warren and his son were boating on the Georgia coast when they came across the carcass of a mysterious dead sea creature.


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The beast washed up on the Texas shorePEN NEWS/PREETI DESAI

FREAK OF NATURE: The sea beast washed up on the Texas shore following Hurricane Harvey 

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Photos of a bizarre-looking animal in the Carolinas spark rumors that it could be the mythical Chupacabra... and it's on the loose

Gray animal that looks like El Chupacabra sighted

Photos of a gray animal, taken on Saturday at Santee Cooper Country Club in South Carolina (left and right), have gone viral after reports that residents say it is the mythical creature El Chupacabra. 'Ok...playing Golf in Santee SC. Can somebody pleeeeease tell me what the flock this is!?!? #ThatAintNoDog,' Stewart wrote in a Facebook post that has now been shared 1,550 times. Experts, however, revealed the animal is actually a canine, either a coyote or a fox with mange. Chupacabra in Spanish translates to 'goat sucker,' in reference to the first reported sightings of the creature (inset, file image) following the vampire-esque slaughter of numerous goats in Puerto Rico in 1995.


'It looks like the devil': Mystery sea creature baffles locals after washing up on a New Zealand beach... so do you know what it is? 

Mystery sea creature baffles locals after washing up on a beach… so do you know what it

The skeleton of a mystery sea creature has washed up on a beach, baffling locals as to what kind of animal it could be. The creature appeared to have two legs and a tail, in addition to two 'wings', a fine set of teeth and a long point protruding from its head.

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