Abortion survivor's mother reveals she thought she was being told a 'cruel joke' when she discovered her daughter was still alive three DECADES later after being rescued from a medical waste bin - but now they are best friends

Melissa Ohden's mom on moment she discovered her daughter had survived 

In 1977, Missy Ohden, 42, from Missouri, seen left now, was fighting for her life in a hospital in Iowa after being born at 2Ib 14oz and discarded as toxic waste, seen inset. Her mother, who has now been revealed as Ruth, seen right and top inset, had been forced to have an abortion by her mother, a nurse at the hospital, and had left the hospital believing the toxic saline solution she'd been given over a five-day period when she was eight months pregnant had aborted her child. However a nurse had heard her 'weak cries' and rescued her from the waste bin, and despite the supervisor on shift - Missy's grandmother - advising her to 'leave the baby in the room to die', Missy had survived and quickly been adopted. And now Missy's biological mother has revealed the shock she felt after being reunited with her daughter, who had searched for her for two decades after learning she was unaware of her existence.

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