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I was a small boy and remember this day well.  If you grew up in the late 50's or 60's and you were a boy, you were enthralled with everything NASA

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50 Years ago Today-Apollo 11

CBS News is Livestreaming the Original Apollo 11 Launch Broadcast in Real Time Right Now

CBS News is currently livestreaming its original broadcast from fifty years ago, when the original Apollo 11 crew launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida to put the first humans on the Moon.

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I was in Vietnam when they landed on the moon.  It was awesome, and was a proud day for America.   God Bless the USA!  

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The felt-tip pen that re-wrote history: A broken circuit in the lunar lander meant the first men on the moon were stranded and facing death, but salvation came in an unlikely form 

Broken circuit meant the first men on the moon were stranded but salvation came in an

JONATHAN MAYO: After completing their experiments on the moon Neil Armstrong (left) and Buzz Aldrin (top right) got back inside the Eagle. To Aldrin's horror he sees a circuit breaker switch that has broken off. While the astronauts have slept mission control have failed to find a solution for the broken switch, but Aldrin thinks he may have one. He is holding a chrome-bodied felt-tip pen (bottom right) in the hole. If it doesn't work, or the ascent engine fails, they have no hope of rescue. Pictured inset are Aldrin, Armstrong and Michael Collins

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