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I love the way the America hating democrats focus-grouped the word "inpeachment". They found that it is offensive to many people. Now they are going to try and change the word to make it more paletteable. The America hating democrat party. Changing words to suit themselves.

Somebody called Mueller and told him that Barr's investigators are getting close. This prompted Mueller to make his "Mic Drop" speech the other day hoping to wash his hands of this America hating democrat HOAX. Comey is going to get indicted first unless he finds a strong lamp cord. He's the type that will finger everyone. Members of congress can be indicted as well for leaking classified documents to the press. John McCain's name will be all over the place including quite a few democrats.

Also, I want to know what part Biden played in all of this. Why hasn't he come out and denounce the actions of the FBI and CIA? Does he accept spying on political opponents as ethical? He definitely had knowledge and was a part of the spying conversations. This along with this and using his political influence to help make his son Hunter rich is going to sink the swamp monster. He's starting to look like Hillary all over again. When you hang out with cheaters and liars your ethics sometimes wanders.

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Bill Barr says Trump was RIGHT to accuse FBI and Justice Department of 'spying' on his campaign as he insists it's 'craziness' to rule the word out because the president's opponents don't like it 


Attorney General Bill Barr defended President Trump's charge that there was spying on his campaign, calling it a 'perfectly good word' that shouldn't be declared off bounds.

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