Completed in August of 1992, this starling booklet reveals what would soon occur in the WWCG. This booklet can be read for FREE at: (http://www.TheBibleComesAlive.com)

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In this booklet I predict what would soon happen in the WWCG. At the Feast of Tabernacles that year (1992) in Palm Sprigs, CA (and with the WWCG) I gave Roderick C. Meredith a copy. On the Last Great Day he invited me (and a friend) out to lunch with him and his family. And while at lunch he said that he had already read the entire booklet. He then got a very serious look on his face and then said: "It is well written and well thought out." Then he added, "You have a knack for writing." And that was it. That is, until we met again for lunch in November. I was living in northern California at the time (where I am also currently living) and he was in the Pasadena area. So I went down (with a friend) to Pasadena for the weekend and met him at church services. He then invited us out to lunch again with his family. And then while we were eating lunch, he then got that really serious look again. Then he repeated the same three things that he had told me on the Last Great Day regarding my booklet ("well written, well thought out, and you have a knack for writing"). But then he looked me straight in the eye and said very soberly, "AND IT WAS VERY HELPFUL TO ME." If you get a chance to read this booklet you should understand what he meant by that statement, which when properly understood is quite profound. The booklet is on my website (http://www.TheBibleComesAlive.com)

 PS — RCM left the WWCG and started up the Global Church of God shortly thereafter (the GCG officially started on the 1st Sabbath of 1993). 

----- Mike Exton 

Mike Exton
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