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First of all Colbert is selling a book and a TV show.He controls the narrative can say and emphasize what ever he wants for his own agenda.The FBI cleared Rackstraw of the hijacking enough said about that.There was no cover up to keep him from being arrested. The real D B Cooper died of exposure or trauma that night when he jumped out of the plane.The simplest explanation is the best.

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DB Cooper suspect Robert Racktrsaw dies at age 75: Army pilot passes away from natural causes, a year after cold case sleuths identified him from 'coded' FBI letters as the plane hijacker who vanished without a trace in 1971

DB Cooper suspect Robert Rackstraw, 75, dies nearly 48 years after the legendary hijacking

In November 1971, a 'non-descript man' identifying himself as Dan 'DB' Cooper bought a $20 ticket for a Northwest Orient flight from Portland to Seattle and demanded $200,000 ransom and a parachute, the beginning of what would later become one of the most infamous cold cases of all time - and the only unsolved skyjacking in US history. Cooper would later vanish without a trace, skydiving from the rear of the plane with the cash in hand, prompting decades of debate and conspiracy over the brazen thief's true identity. An unexpected breakthrough came last year when cold case expert and author Thomas J Colbert identified Robert Rackstraw, a military vet with a murky past riddled by fraud and con-artistry, as the man responsible, citing a decades-worth of research as evidence. But on Tuesday, Rackstraw's family announced the lead suspect had passed away from natural causes, potentially taking with him the answers of what really happened that fateful winter's afternoon to the grave.

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