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I did and this is what I found, I was only a kid at the time and don't remember this at all, and to me it looks like a democrat, not a republican scandal.

House banking scandal


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The House banking scandal broke in early 1992 when it was revealed that the United States House of Representatives allowed members to overdraw their House checking accounts, but were not being penalized by the House Bank (actually a clearinghouse).

This is also sometimes known as Rubbergate (a portmanteau from "rubber" bounced checks and Watergate). The term is misleading because House checks did not bounce; they were honored because the House Bank provided overdraft protection to its account holders.

[edit] The scandal

The House banking scandal ultimately involved more than 450 representatives, most of whom did not break any laws. Twenty-two congressmen and -women were singled out by the House Ethics Committee for leaving their checking accounts overdrawn for at least eight months out of a sample of 39 months.[citation needed]

The following 22 House members were singled out by the House Ethics Committee:[citation needed]

Name State Party # of Checks Months Overdue
Tommy F. Robinson* Arkansas Democratic/Republican 996 16
Robert J. Mrazek New York Democratic 920 23
Robert W. Davis Michigan Republican 878 13
Doug Walgren* Pennsylvania Democratic 858 16
Charles F. Hatcher* Georgia Democratic 819 35
Stephen J. Solarz* New York Democratic 743 30
Charles Hayes* Illinois Democratic 716 15
Ronald D. Coleman Texas Democratic 673 23
Carl C. Perkins Kentucky Democratic 514 14
Bill Alexander* Arkansas Democratic 487 18
William F. Goodling Pennsylvania Republican 430 9
Ed Towns New York Democratic 408 18
Ed Feighan Ohio Democratic 397 8
Harold Ford, Sr. Tennessee Democratic 743 30
Mickey Edwards* Oklahoma Republican 386 13
Bill Clay Missouri Democratic 328 9
Tony Coelho California Democratic 316 12
John Conyers Michigan Democratic 273 9
Mary Rose Oakar* Ohio Democratic 213 18
Joseph D. Early* Massachusetts Democratic 124 13
Douglas H. Bosco* California Democratic 124 13
Jim Bates* California Democratic 89 9

An * denotes defeated for reelection or renomination.


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Look at the names.............


Berkeley Demo Dellums leads with 851 overdrafts

BYLINE: David Dietz, Chronicle Staff Writer


LENGTH: 1445 words

The House of Representatives wrapped up its investigation of the politically explosive check- writing scandal yesterday by releasing a new roster of violators, and Berkeley Democrat Ron Dellums topped the list.

There were nine other Bay Area representatives listed who had overdrawn their accounts at the defunct House bank.

The committee identified 22 ''abusers'' of the House bank earlier this month, who together wrote about 11,000 bad checks. They were not included in the new list.

Dellums wrote 851 bad checks on his account, heading a long- awaited roster of 303 current and former House members found by the House ethics committee to have made overdrafts.

A total of 254 House incumbents made the list, including 170 Democrats, 83 Republicans and one independent, many of whom could face voter resentment over the scandal.

Besides naming several who had already acknowledged writing overdrafts, the list identified some who had previously denied writing bad checks or had refused to discuss the issue, including Representatives Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, and Tom Campbell, R-Sunnyvale.

According to the committee, Representatives Barbara Boxer, D- San Francisco/Marin, wrote 143 bad checks; George Miller, D-Martinez, 99; Fortney (Pete) Stark, D- Hayward, 64; Pelosi, 28; Don Edwards, D-San Jose, 13; Leon Panetta, D-Monterey, 12; Campbell, 4; and Frank Riggs, D-Santa Rosa, and Norman Mineta, D-San Jose, both 3. Representative Tom Lantos, a Hillsborough Democrat, was the only Bay Area lawmaker with an unblemished record.

Behind Dellums on the list was Representative Gerry Sikorski, D- Minn., with 697 bad checks. Louis Stokes, an Ohio Democrat and chairman of the ethics committee, was third with 551.

The ethics committee, while releasing the number of bad checks each member had written, did not divulge the amount of the overdrafts.

Many lawmakers on yesterday's list reacted by apologizing to constituents, while blaming the fiasco on sloppy operating practices at the House bank. House Speaker Thomas Foley, who wrote two bad checks, heatedly insisted that lawmakers on the list ''violated no law and no rule'' of the House.


In a stern rebuke of the probe, Dellums said bank statements gave him no indication that he was overdrawn so often. He added in a statement that he made deposits the ''few times'' he was notified that his account was in the red.

The 11-term congressman attacked yesterday's disclosure as an ''unwarranted intrusion'' into family finances. He had previously told reporters that whether or not he wrote bad checks was no business of the public.

Pelosi, a member of the ethics committee, had insisted for weeks that she never ''knowingly'' wrote a bad check and added that ''it'll be a punch in the stomach'' if she was found to be an offender.

Yesterday, she acknowledged that she had written 28 overdrafts totaling $ 6,148.

''I take full responsibility for the checks,'' she said, ''but I never had any reason to expect any shortfalls in my account. My account always reconciled.''


Pelosi and other Bay Area lawmakers said that the bank failed to process deposits in a timely way, causing many overdrafts.

''Members of Congress could not tell if they were or had been overdrawn because monthly statements did not indicate that fact, nor were members personally informed on a regular basis,'' said Fortney (Pete) Stark, a Hayward Democrat who wrote 64 bad checks. Stark is a former East Bay banker.

Even though some of the lawmakers wrote only a few bad checks, political opponents could take advantage, analysts said.

That may be the case with someone like Campbell, who wrote only four bad checks but who is also running a hotly competitive U.S. Senate race -- as compared with Dellums, who is in a relatively safe seat.


''This will play poorly with the public,'' said Democratic political consultant Richie Ross. ''Bouncing four checks doesn't feel like a big deal to me, but bouncing 850 checks is abusing the system. No seat is is safe when you bounce checks. It means that Dellums, for instance, is going to have to campaign.''

Mark DiCamillo, managing editor of the California Poll, said that ''what upsets the public is a systematic abuse of the system or operating under a different standard or under different rules.''

''My records don't show any overdrafts,'' a chagrined Campbell said in a call from a private plane that was ferrying him between campaign appearances in Modesto and Bakersfield. ''All the notices I had from the bank, including a letter last month, stated unequivocally I had no overdrafts.''

According to the House bank, three of Campbell's overdrafts came on the same day in November 1989, when the bank held checks for $ 70, $ 57 and $ 50. The fourth overdraft was for $ 15 in May 1990.

''My figures showed I had plenty of funds in the account on those days,'' Campbell said. ''I don't think four checks of these amounts constitute abuse, even if (the overdrafts) are true.''

    Here is a list of current House members from California, indicating  their party, their current status and the number of overdrafts each wrote at  the House bank.
 Glenn Anderson (retiring), D           3
 Anthony C. Beilenson, D                5
 Howard L. Berman, D                   67
 Barbara Boxer
 (Senate candidate), D                143

 George E. Brown, D                    26
 Tom Campbell
 (Senate candidate), R                  4
 Gary Condit, D                         4
 C. Christopher Cox, R                  0
 Randy Cunningham, R                    1
 William E. Dannemeyer
 (Senate candidate), R                 26
 Ronald V. Dellums, D                 851
 Julian C. Dixon, D                     0
 Calvin Dooley, D                       0
 John T. Doolittle, R                   0
 Robert K. Dornan, R                    0
 David Dreier, R                        0
 Mervyn M. Dymally, D                   1
 Don Edwards, D                        13
 Vic H. Fazio, D                        0
 Elton Gallegly, R                      5
 Wally Herger, R                        0
 Duncan Hunter, R                     399
 Robert J. Lagomarsino, R               3
 Tom Lantos, D                          0
 Richard H. Lehman, D                  10
 Mel Levine
 (Senate candidate), D                  0
 Jerry Lewis, R                         0
 Bill Lowery (retiring), R            300
 Matthew G. Martinez, D                19
 Robert T. Matsui, D                   25
 Alfred A. McCandless, R                0
 George Miller, D                      99
 Norman Y. Mineta, R                    3
 Carlos J. Moorhead, R                  0
 Ron Packard, R                         4
 Leon E. Panetta, D                    12
 Nancy Pelosi, D                       28
 Frank D. Riggs, R                      3
 Dana Rohrabacher, R                    8
 Edward R. Roybal (retiring), D        11
 Fortney (Pete) Stark, D               64
 William M. Thomas, R                 119
 Esteban Edward Torres, D               0
 Maxine Waters, D                       5
 Henry A. Waxman, D                   434

 Here is a list of former House members from California and the number of  overdrafts for each at the House bank. Names that are capitalized are of  those considered ''abusers,'' as identified by the House Ethics Committee on  April 1.
 Robert E. Badham, R                   45
 Jim BATES, D                          89
 Douglas H. BOSCO, D                  124
 Tony COELHO, D                       316
 Charles Pashayan, R                    2
 Norman D. Shumway, R                   2

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