How to download the mountains of data Facebook has on you - including call logs, texts, ads you've clicked, and conversations you thought you deleted


Downloading your archived user data from Facebook may reveal a laundry list of data points, from your personal call records, to text messages, as well as your location when you log into the site.

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Facebook is still not being 'fully forthcoming' about its data leak, Senator Mark Warner says as he calls for Zuckerberg to testify 'and not just put an advert in newspapers'


Mark Zuckerberg has taken out full-page ads in nine major US and British publications to apologize for the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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Thought deleting your Facebook was enough? Firm and its advertisers can still track you AFTER you remove your account - here's how to stop it


Facebook uses a controversial advertising strategy that means brands can serve up ads targeted to your interests and demographic info even when you're not on the site.

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Conservative publishers have lost an average of nearly 14 percent of their traffic from Facebook

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Not content with monitoring the movements of its own users, the largest social network in the world is building secret files on the activities of billions of people.

Mark Zuckerburg's company says that is uses this information to target adverts and content based on your preferences, as well as for security purposes.

Facebook account holders are able to download a copy of the file kept on them, which contains detailed records of their activities while logged in.

The privacy of users tracked via-third parties is currently less transparent, with no way of checking exactly what Facebook knows about you.

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Facebook may be tracking your every move online even if you have never been on the site. Not content with monitoring the movements of its own users, the largest social network in the world is building secret files on the activities of billions of people 

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Prominent pro-life advocate Bryan Kemper is questioning Facebook after it removed his pro-life message, a move that followed on the heels of the company’s decision to allow the posting of directions on how to perform an abortion at home.

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I won't do Facebook and this is the reason why. Heck I will not even register here. I want my privacy.

What Facebook REALLY knows about you: Firm reveals the 98 pieces of data it uses to target ads - and how you can see them 


Facebook use members' on-site activity, location settings and internet connection to find 98 pieces of data that it uses to create the ultimate consumer profile for advertisers.

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WND Exclusive

Your face on Facebook
'your own worst enemy'

New technology can steal
Social Security Numbers

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And I was going to start a Face Book page. Not now!
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Not all the Obama Joker pictures have been removed..One of my friends on facebook has it as his profile picture and has for a while now. And along with his picture is a lot of info and stories blasting obama.
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I don't know about a lawsuit (although we do need to have some sort of a right to privacy amendment), but I do not like the new FaceBook! Just my .02 cents
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Five Facebook Inc. users Monday sued the social-networking site in California's Orange County Superior Court, alleging that the social networking site violates several state laws aimed at protecting consumers' privacy.

The complaint accuses Facebook, of Palo Alto, of failing to compensate its users for harvesting their personal data and for violating laws that protect consumers from having information they upload to the site shared with third parties, such as advertisers.

"Plaintiffs and the general public desire and expect a level of privacy, which Facebook has failed to satisfy under its current policies, procedures, practices, and technology," the complaint states. The plaintiffs, which include a photographer, an actress, and some middle school and college students, are demanding damages and attorney's fees and requesting a jury trial.

In a statement, Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said the company sees "no merit to this suit and we plan to fight it."

The suit comes as Canadian privacy authorities are pressuring Facebook to enhance its privacy policy through measures such as making it easier for users to permanently delete their account. Mr. Schnitt also said in a statement that Facebook is in the process of responding to their concerns, which the Canadian privacy commissioner publicized earlier this summer.

The attacks are prompting Facebook to revise and clarify how it handles its users' data--particularly what it shares it with third parties, such as advertisers and software developers who build software for the site. Facebook has said it discloses what it shares with whom, but there are some grey areas.

Earlier this year, a change to the company's terms of service triggered a wave of concerns that Facebook was claiming ownership of its users' data. Facebook later clarified that it does not claim ownership over users' data and submitted future changes to its terms of service to review by its users.

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