good taste on his part.
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Looks Like the charges against Hannity (sexual harassment) were believed by his wife!!!

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has been 'dating Ainsley Earhardt for months' - after it was revealed he and wife Jill quietly separated five years ago

Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt 'have been dating for quite some time'

Fox News sources told Vanity Fair Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt (pictured left in 2013) have been in a romantic relationship for 'quite some time' and have been spotted by colleagues 'acting like a couple' at social events. A Fox employee also revealed Earnhardt, 43, has allegedly been shooting Fox & Friends remotely from the basement of Hannity's mansion in Long Island. The rumors come a week after DailyMail.com revealed Hannity and wife Jill Rhodes (right) 57, separated nearly five years ago, but managed to keep it quiet.

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