Is the EU an Attempt to Revive the Holy Roman Empire?

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Germany was the major force behind both World War I and World War II. For decades since WWII, it was seemingly content to mainly align with the international views of the USA and France. Yet, in the past few years, its increasing wealth has seemingly emboldened it to start to take more divergent views, as well as to extend its diplomatic and economic reach.

This article is the first of two. These articles will attempt to identify the identity of Germany in the Bible, some highly limited German history, and Germany's prophesied role.

Readers of the German language may find the following booklet of interest:


Asshur, Assyria, and Germany

Where do the Germanic peoples come from? The male ancestors of all those currently on planet earth are listed in Genesis chapter 10.

In that portion of the Bible we see that one of the sons of Shem and grandson of Noah was named Assur/Ashur/Asshur:

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One Quarter of Germans Now Come From Migrant Backgrounds

One Quarter of Germans Now From Migrant Backgrounds
…Nearly Half of Young Children Have Migrant Background
48% Arrive Through Chain Migration


Germans Think Trump Is Bigger Threat Than Putin, Korea’s Kim, China’s Xi

Macron Calls for ‘Real European Army’ to Protect EU from U.S

A Beast is rising in Europe, and if you are a Plain Truth Reader, you know that the Bible promises that the evil coming antichrist will arise out a United States of Europe!  Yes, Europe, under the Holy Roman Church is the end time beast of Revelation, and will become the enemy of the USA.  You need to know just WHO the players are in today's world!  Click Here  and you will be amazed just who they nation are today, as prophesied is the Bible!  You can not know what is going to happen unless you know who we are, and who "they" are!   Macron's France, by the way is a lost tribe of Israel named Rueben! And they, like in WWII, will be enslaved by the coming antichrist!

French President Emmanuel Macron has reiterated calls for a image from 2.bp.blogspot.comEuropean Union army, this time saying that it is needed to protect the bloc from China, Russia, and even the United States.


The progressive leader, a proponent of greater EU federalisation which will result in the reduction in sovereignty for European nations, told Europe 1 Monday night that the bloc needs a “real European army”.

“We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” Macron said, according toAgence France-Presse.  MORE

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