Reports: Tomb of Biblical Esther and Mordechai Set Ablaze in Iran Reports: Tomb of Biblical Esther and Mordechai Set Ablaze in Iran
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Given time, the Bible has always been proven correct.
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Israeli archaeologists find altar dedicated to Augustus Caesar and mother-of-pearl tablet inscribed with a menorah at Mediterranean port


The finds at Caesarea were the result of 'one of the largest and most important conservation projects ever undertaken in Israel,' the Israel Antiquities Authority said.

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Very interesting and informative. Like posts like these.
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Ebla tablets were written 1500 years before the Torah was sent. The fact that the name of the Prophet Abraham is mentioned. The findings at Ebla are possibly the most significant discovery yet made so far as they ... Personal Names and Places In the Tablets ... There are dealings with Hittites long before Abraham purchased the Cave of Machpelah from the ...

EBLA: Its Impact on Bible Records - Institute for Creation Research

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Nine new Dead Sea Scrolls found in storage

The cave in which the scrolls were found. Image Credit: Effi Schweizer

The newly identified penny-sized parchments had been forgotten about for more than six decades.

Considered to be some of the most significant ancient texts ever discovered, the Dead Sea Scrolls are comprised of several hundred documents dating back more than 2,000 years. They were found inside a cave around one mile from the shore of the Dead Sea between 1946 and 1956.

Now nine more of the scrolls have been identified after being archived and forgotten about within an Israel Antiquities Authority storeroom for the last 60 years. Contained within three phylacteries, the scrolls were rediscovered after scholar Yonatan Adler had them CT scanned to see what was inside.

Experts will now be faced with the difficult task of carefully unrolling the scrolls to find out what's written on them.

"We’re going to do it slowly, but we’ll first consult with all of our experts about how to go about this," said artifact conservationist Pnina Shor. "We need to do a lot of research before we start doing this."

Source: Fox News

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Galatians 6:7 "GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED, a man shall reap what he sows"
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