I agree that there was more than racism in this murder. The two knew each other, and the fact there is no media coverage of this tells me a lot.  There was problems between these two and I think this will come out in the court trial.
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$1 Million Bail Set For Officer Charged With Floyd's Death

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I find it amazing that nobody seems to be reporting in the media of this!

George Floyd And Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin Worked Security At The Same Nightclub. People Who Worked With Them Can't Believe It.

The club’s owner said former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin would sometimes "overreact and lash out quickly" while working as a security guard at the popular club.

The death of George Floyd after being pinned to the ground in a neck chokehold by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was arrested on murder charges today, has sparked unrest across the country and become a political flashpoint — yet another example of a white officer unleashing deadly force on a black man.

But for former employees, DJs, and promoters who spent time at El Nuevo Rodeo, a popular Latin nightclub in southeast Minneapolis, the killing has provoked grief, rage, and also shock. Both Floyd, 46, and Chauvin, 44, worked as part-time security guards at the establishment. How was it possible, many asked, that such violence had exploded between two former coworkers who by many accounts worked peacefully in proximity to each other for about a year?

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