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2 Chronicles 7:14                

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
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Like Mexico paid 4 the wall right?

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US 'would lose a war with China fought in the Pacific, is unable to defend Taiwan from an invasion and fears the Guam military base is at risk', Pentagon sources warn


'Eye-opening' Pentagon war games have revealed the US is vulnerable to China and that an attack from the superpower would lead to the US 'suffering capital losses', sources told The Times.

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Bob, you may be right. It appears that we are heading towards a war.
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China flexes its military muscle: Beijing exploits Covid crisis to assert control of strategically vital South China Sea - and the US sends three warships in response 

China flexes its military muscle: Beijing exploits Covid crisis to assert control of South

China has taken advantage of the world's struggle with Covid-19 to mount a disturbing display of military firepower and push its illegal claims to land and oilfields in a two-million-square-mile area in the South China Sea. The moves have triggered an immediate response from US President Donald Trump. Deeply worried about Beijing's insatiable desire for land and the way its military has occupied areas by stealth, Washington has sent three warships to the region. China's escalation of war games in the region follows decades of aggression by the Communist government. It is ignoring international law as it militarises islands and reefs, plans to exploit oil and mineral fields, and hopes to build nuclear reactors in the area.

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Donald Trump says he will bill China MORE than $160BILLION for coronavirus damage to the US economy as he claims the country could have acted much sooner to stop the spread of the virus

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USS America steams to intercept Chinese ships in disputed waters near Malaysia as China flexes its muscles in the region after US aircraft carrier was crippled by coronavirus


USS America has steamed to intercept a Chinese government survey ship and several of its China Coast Guard escorts after they ventured into contested waters off the coast of Malaysia.

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China takes advantage of USS Roosevelt being crippled by coronavirus to threaten Taiwan with aircraft carrier and warship strike group as it increases military presence in the disputed region

China takes advantage of USS Roosevelt being crippled by coronavirus to send jets close to

China appears to be taking advantage of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (pictured) being crippled by the coronavirus by sending fighter jets close to Taiwan over the weekend. Taiwan's Defense Ministry said the Liaoning, China's first operational aircraft carrier, and five accompanying warships passed first through the Miyako Strait, located between Japan's islands of Miyako and Okinawa, to the northeast of Taiwan, on Saturday. On Sunday, the carrier group, which included two 052D guided-missile destroyers - the Xining and Guiyang - two 054A guided-missile frigates - the Zaozhuang and Rizhao - and supply ship, the Hulunhu, sailed in waters on Taiwan's east coast and then into seas to the south of Taiwan, carrying out exercises, the ministry said. Taiwan's armed forces monitored the carrier group's progress throughout and 'completed relevant actions in response to ensure national security and protect regional peace and stability'. The USS Roosevelt and USS Ronald Reagan are the only two US carriers in the Pacific, but both have been forced to dock due to confirmed coronavirus cases onboard, which effectively gives China free range in the region. The Liaoning is currently the only aircraft carrier active in the western Pacific.

China-Philippines Sea Dispute
The Japanese - Chinese (Japan China) War that is coming - thanks to America's stupidity

The Plain Truth!
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