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JFK was pond scum: So was Jackie

Her cynical manipulation of JFK's legacy. Rumoured affairs with his BROTHERS - Blockbuster Movie brings her back to life, truth about the sex and scheming that put the O into Jackie!



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EXCLUSIVE - 'There was no monogamy in the Kennedy clan': Ethel Kennedy knew husband Bobby was a serial cheater who counted actresses Kim Novak and Lee Remick - AND widow Jackie Kennedy - among his lovers


Ethel Kennedy knew that infidelity was the for marrying a Kennedy. FBI files claimed Bobby was sleeping with Jackie Kennedy based on grief over JFK and on a long-standing affection.

More cover up from the media
The REAL Ted Kennedy


As we celebrate fifty years of GQ, we take a look at some of the best journalism the magazine has published. In 1990, Michael Kelly—who later became the first American reporter to die in the Iraq war—gave us this memorable and devastatingly candid portrayal of the last Kennedy brother

JFK called Hitler 'the stuff of legends': Secret diary reveals future president's fascination with Nazi dictator when he visited Germany after WW2 


Rarely seen diary entries written by JFK while he was visiting Germany after the war in 1945 reveal just how the man who would become president thought about Germany's murderous leader.



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American Icons: Sex, Drugs, and Crime - The Real Kennedys

EXCLUSIVE: Like sons, like father. How Joseph P. Kennedy, 60, flaunted his decade-long affair with his 24-year-old secretary in front of wife Rose, who tolerated his cheating with the help of tranquilizers

Joseph P. Kennedy flaunted affair with secretary Janet Des Rosiers in front of Rose

Three months after Joe Kennedy hired Janet Des Rosiers as his secretary (circled above in strapless gown and at right with Rose and Joe). he seduced her. 'The lovemaking went on for hours,' she said. 'There was joy and ecstasy and giggles, eating chocolate cake and drinking milk at midnight. I used to massage Joe's scalp and neck with Rose in the living room.' Rose would spend millions on her dresses and then get upset if a servant was paid for an hour he didn't work. When Des Rosiers left Joe, she went to work for JFK and often massaged his feet and hands behind closed doors. JFK gave her a printed napkin that said, 'Don't you think it's about time you found me attractive?' Des Rosiers says she wasn't interested in Joe's son.

The REAL Ted Kennedy

Abused women, a drunk and criminal is lauded like he is a God in death! It's time to learn THE PLAIN TRUTH about the immoral and ungodly Ted Kennedy!A SOBER LOOK AT TED KENNEDY As we celebrate fifty years of GQ, we take a look at some...


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We will have a special JFK week on The Plain Truth
"JFK was pond scum." NEWSWEEK,
August 19, 1996.

Stolen from (now defunct)
available on the "wayback machine"*/

black = original text by Mr. Willey
[X] = claims I have been able to verify (more or less). - C.P.
Bold red = my comments - C.P.

Blue = exact references and quotes supplied by myself.

Anyway, the following is the truth, and it was widely available for over 45 years. Mr. Willey is to be commended for his admirable little précis. - C.P.)

  • JFK did Lee Radziwill, Jackie's sister when Jackie was in hospital with Caroline [?].
  • JFK did Audrey Hepburn [?]
  • JFK did Jayne Mansfield for 3 years [?]
  • He also did Gene Tierney [X] [Reeves, p. 83] and Marlene Dietrich [Dietrich was allegedly bisexual and preferred women, but supposedly claimed to have slept with 3 of the 4 Kennedys: the Old Man, Jack and Bobby. Oh, well, if the price is right. Dietrich was also married for about 50 years although she did not live with her husband all that time. So who knows? - C.P.]
  • Other actresses tied to JFK in the press were Kim Novak, Janet Leigh and Rhonda Fleming [they were present at the inaugural party and ball. That's all I can tell so far. - C.P.].
  • Angie Dickinson [X] [Reeves, pp. 235-36] commenting on JFK’s brutal lovemaking style called it “the best 20 seconds of my life.” [?]
  • Jackie said JFK was a flop as a lover. She told a friend he "just goes too fast and falls asleep" as reported in the book GRACE AND POWER by Sally Smith [Many other women said the same thing. In other words, he was as egotistical sexually as he was politically. - C.P.]
  • During WWII JFK was a security risk at the Pentagon for his well-known affair with Nazi spy Ingrid Arvad. [I question whether she was really a spy but she had some National Socialist connections. Kennedy had no secrets to betray at the time, but it could have been an embarrassment. - C.P.]
  • In 1951 Kennedy had to pay off Alicia Purdom wife of a British actor half a million dollars after making her pregnant and then reneging on his promise to marry her [X].
  • In 1956 Kennedy did Joan Lundberg [X] who says he loved threesomes and was a voyeur. He paid for her abortion and slept with her in Jackie’s marriage bed [Judith Campbell Exner said and did the same things but refused the threesome. - C.P.]
  • 90 minutes before the first televised debate with Nixon, JFK was with a call-girl. (Reeves p 202) [X] [This is also true of the other debates. - C.P.] He also had a call-girl inauguration night [X] [Not a whore, actually, just another idiot female at one of about 50 inaugural parties, held at Joseph Alsop's house, while Jacqueline was home at the White House. - CP.] [Reeves, p. 236]. The night before the inauguration, he cheated on his wife in their Georgetown house [X].
  • JFK kept an apartment at the Carroll Arms in Washington where he met young women [X]. After a year of marriage a friend said of Jackie, "Jackie was wandering around looking like a survivor of an airplane crash." (Reeves p 116) [X]
  • JFK did Mary Pinchot Meyer in about thirty White House visits from Jan '62 to Nov '63 [X] [Reeves, pp. 8, 75, 240-41, 321; Talbot, pp. 195-6; 198-204; 219; 225; 391]. She was mysteriously murdered in 1964 [X] and her diary of their affair ended up at the CIA [X]. Mary and JFK did drugs together.
  • JFK did David Niven's wife [X]. [He accomplished this in about ten minutes. - C.P.] [Reeves, p. 242]
  • JFK did Pamela Turnure, 23, a Jackie look-a-like, hired as Jackie's press secretary, in an affair that went on three years in the White House [X]. [Reeves, p. 242; Talbot, p. 333]
  • JFK did Fiddle and Faddle, Secret Service code names for 21 and 23 year old staff members hired mostly for sex. [X] [Reeves, 7, 242]. JFK tested dangerous drugs on them without their knowledge by putting drugs [amyl nitrate] in their drinks [X]. [Peter Lawford warned JFK not to take the stuff himself, because it was too dangerous. So they gave it to one of the girls! She appeared to be hyperventilating, but what did they care? What's the life of just another idiot female to a Kennedy? In short, JFK was just like Teddy -- no different. JFK could have had his very own "Chappaquiddick" at any time. - C.P.]

    ["At one point Peter Lawford brought along some amyl nitrate to the White House. Knowing that the drug, called 'Poppers', was supposed to increase the sexual experience, Jack wanted to try some. Lawford refused, citing the extreme danger involved and warning the president not to take the risk. So Jack gave the drug to Fiddle or Faddle, and both men watched with interest as the young woman fell under the drug's powerful influence, appearing for a time to be hyperventilating. Neither Kennedy nor Lawford worried about the health of the recipient; the experiment satisfied their curiosity." - Reeves, p. 242]
  • White House intern Marion "Mimi" Beardsley whose married name is Fahnestock was 19 when JFK raped her (statutory rape - the age of consent was 21 in DC at the time) [X]. A powerful older man preying on vulnerable young women is what sexual harassment is all about [X]. [Source: Internet reprints of newspaper articles. Mrs. Fahnestock today works as an auditor for a Manhatten church and is a Christian. -C.P]
  • JFK got shots of speed from Dr. Max Jacobson, a.k.a. Dr. Feelgood [X]. [Jacobson was not a member of the American Medical Association and was later barred from the practice of medicine [Hersch, p. 234]. His specialty was injecting large doses of amphetamines and steroids [Reeves, p. 295]. JFK's photographer Mark Shaw died at 47 from the effects of these same drugs, administered by this same quack "doctor" [Reeves, p. 297]. Charles Spalding was high on the same drugs about half the time [Hersch, p. 236]. In other words, the people making the decisions during the Cuban Missile Crisis were all "speed freaks". [Reeves, p. 296] - C.P.]
  • JFK had a penchant for swimming nude with his female guests at wild pool parties [One of the reasons he died was because he pulled a groin muscle romping around with a load of women (and his romping activities were always in the nude), and had to wear a back brace that held him upright, much stiffer than the brace he usually wore. Ordinarily, the first shot that hit him would have knocked him flat and the next shot would have missed. Instead, the next shot blew the top of his head off. - C.P.] [Hersch, p. 439]
  • JFK & a British female tennis star had a lengthy relationship [X].
  • BIGAMIST - JFK married socialite Durie Malcolm in Palm Springs in early 1947 and then a few days later had his friend Charles Spalding steal the marriage certificate from the Court House [unproven but accepted as truth by many people close to the Kennedys. Spalding claims it is true, and that he did it. [Hersch, pp. 2-3, 326-40, 344, 405]. Durie Malcolm denies she ever married JFK, saying she "didn't care for those Irish Micks. And Old Joe was a terrible man" [Hersch, p. 329]. To me, this sounds like she knows more than she is saying. But if the documents have been destroyed, what else can she do? Admit she was a fool, and be ridiculed and vilified (and perhaps killed) by all the forces the Kennedy family could bring to bear? Almost anyone would deny it. If true, it means that Kennedy was a bigamist and the Kennedy children were all illegitimate. - C.P.].
  • JFK reportedly had an illegitimate child in the late 50s by prostitute Alicia Darr Clark who later tried to blackmail him [X] [Reeves, p. 218, 456, footnote; Hersh, pp. 111-120]
  • JFK did Judith Campbell Exner, mob moll [Talbot, p. 140], who had some twenty visits starting in May 1961. Exner carried cash bribes to JFK from California defense contractors. [X] When she called JFK and told him that he had made her pregnant, he asked, "What are you going to do about it?" She had an abortion at a Chicago hospital in January 1963. She was never invited back to the White House. Her lover, mob boss Sam Giancana, bragged that he had 'placed' her with the President. Interestingly, both Giancana and another of her mob lovers, Roselli, were given the C.I.A. contract to kill Castro [X].
  • JFK did Ellen Rometsch, an East German spy [X]. When the Profumo affair (a sex scandal with a German spy) was blowing apart the British government, the Kennedys paid her off and had her deported. They abused both the FBI and Congress (by threatening Congressmen with information from their FBI files) to keep this liaison out of the press and the timing strongly suggests that the assassination of South Vietnam's Diem was used to divert press attention from JFK's connection to Rometsch. Kennedy also had had sex both in London and New York with prostitute Suzy Chang [X] who was at the heart of the Profumo affair. Bobby had a hard time covering this up [X].
  • When the Secret Service was asked by local officials in Seattle if Kennedy always had prostitutes brought to him, they answered, "We travel during the day, so this only happens at night." Truckloads of prostitutes were brought to the Whitehouse and admitted without security checks. [X] When JFK inspected military bases, he expected to be supplied with women.
  • JFK used Peter Lawford's home in Santa Monica for meeting women [X].
  • JFK kept a large collection of photos of himself with naked women [X]. [Hersch, p. 11]
  • When President, Kennedy blackmailed starlets into servicing him or have their careers destroyed [X].
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