Free PDF links for the LSV (both Old Testament and New Testament) have now been added.
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If you are using a MAC (like I do). this link is not working in Safari on some computers.... Works GREAT on Firefox.....

RMM wrote:
Is there a place you can read LSV online to sample it.  I tried from their website but didn't work
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Yes, well, their link (below) worked for me, so if you have problems you might need to try a different method of accessing it (as per Bob's comments above):  https://read.lsvbible.com
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Is there a place you can read LSV online to sample it.  I tried from their website but didn't work
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• Free PDF:



• Read It Online:  https://read.lsvbible.com

-And don't forget that this is now available also:

The Holy Bible In Its Original Order ~ God'sWords in RED

By Bob Barney

"This 5th Volume (The New Testament) of the 5 Volume 'Holy Bible with God's words in RED' in both the Old Testament and New is dedicated to the one true God, who are the Father and The Word and their love for all of us. Most do not understand that the God who spoke to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, and actually in every instance in the Old Testament was the God who would become Jesus Christ! The Father God is not who spoke 'I am who I am.' That was Jesus! We have many red letter bibles with Christ's words in RED in the New Testament, but nobody has written one with Christ's words in Red in the Old Testament. By doing so, God's Bible comes alive and we realize that the God who wrote the Ten Commandments was Jesus, and that he in no ways came to earth to do away with them! When you see the words in Red in the Old Testament, you will have another picture of Jesus, known in Hebrew as Yeshua, or Joshua. You will see Jesus in the Old Testament order the DEATH of Sabbath breakers, women and children, and even babies! Yes, you will see that the Jesus you have been taught is a fake Christ, and not the God you should know, understand and obey!"



"The most unique Bible you have ever read. First, the Old Testament is divided into the correct order as Jesus read (yes modern Bibles are not arranged in the right order, or have the correct amount of books). Next, this Bible has every word of God in RED in both the Old Testament and New! The author's own translation trying to marry easier to understand English with the style of the King James.

"This Bible has revolutionary translation of many words mistranslated in the King James and later English Bibles.

"If you want to discover WHO God is, what is God, and what you were created for, this Bible will open your minds to the most beautiful story never told."

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