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Pagan Holidays


God’s Biblical Holy Days

~~The Awesome Plan of God Revealed~~

Just how important are God’s Biblical Holy Days? Were they just instituted for ancient Israel, as part of the “Old Covenant”? Are they effectively abolished under the “New Covenant”?

If so, then why did Christ say He came “NOT” to “abolish” the Law, but to fulfill it – to make it “COMPLETE”? (Matt.5:17). Why did He say not a “jot” or a “tittle” would pass from the Law till heaven and earth passed away into oblivion? (Matt 5:18-19).

Why would God institute Holy Days “FOR EVER” and then turn right around and “abolish” them? Is God fickle? Is He “changeable”?

In Malachi, God says, “I CHANGE NOT” (Mal.3:8).  God also says His Holy Days are created to last “FOREVER” (Leviticus 23, Exodus 14:12).

Why did the visible worldwide so-called “Christian” church ignore God’s Biblical Holy Days and substitute in their place ancient pagan days of worship of pagan gods like the goddess “Easter,” “Isis,” "Eastre,” “Ashtarte,” the day people observe as “Easter Sunday,” supposedly in worship of Christ?

Why did they institute “Christmas” on December 25 and call it Christ’s birthday when He wasn’t born anywhere near that date, but it was the “birthday” and “worship day” of the pagan SUN GOD?

Why, indeed! In this book we will reveal the startling truth of how the world swerved into paganism and rejected God’s True Holy Days which picture God’s plan of salvation for mankind!

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