Mostly I get it from progressives who idolize Wilson. He was a racist progressive the two are not mutually exclusive. Also you may not be aware but the drug war was created by FDR another progressive who set up concentration camps for Japanese citizens in his spare time.\
Democrat Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Gretchen Whitmer’s Shutdown Order: Businesses Are ‘Dying’

Democrat Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Whitmer’s Shutdown Order…

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When the Government Declared War on the First Amendment

It all started with President Woodrow Wilson.


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We understand the assault on the right to bare arms, but many do not realize there is a more aggressive assault on the right of the press, free speech and religion, especially if the Demz gain power!

California's New 2020 Law Will Limit How Much Some Freelance Journalists Can Write

Every Democrat in the Senate Supports a Constitutional Amendment That Would Radically Curtail Freedom of Speech


Every Democrat in the Senate is backing a constitutional amendment that aims to overturn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the 2010 decision in which the Supreme Court lifted legal restrictions on what corporations and unions are allowed to say about politics at election time. That would be troubling enough, since Citizens United, which involved a film that was banned from TV because it was too critical of Hillary Clinton, simply recognized that Americans do not lose their First Amendment rights when they organize themselves in a disfavored way. But the so-called Democracy for All Amendment goes much further than nullifying one Supreme Court decision. It would radically rewrite the constitutional treatment of political speech, allowing Congress and state legislatures to impose any restrictions on election-related spending they consider reasonable.


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