Mother-of-two spends months undergoing gruelling chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery before bungling doctors admit they MISDIAGNOSED triple negative breast cancer 

Mother-of-two, 28, has breasts removed after bungling doctors wrongly diagnose her with

Sarah Boyle (pictured, centre, with sons Teddy and Louis) was left traumatised after bungling doctors at Royal Stoke University Hospital misdiagnosed her with an aggressive form of breast cancer at the end of 2016. The 28-year-old was put through several rounds of gruelling chemotherapy, which saw her lose most of her hair left) and left her physically drained. She also underwent a bilateral mastectomy, the surgical removal of both breasts, to stop the cancer spreading and had reconstructive surgery to put breast implants in their place. Medics only realised their error several months later in July 2017 - by which point the damage was already done. Mrs Boyle (right, with son Louis and husband Steven) has since received the added blow that her breast implants puts her at risk of developing cancer in the future. The devastated mother said: 'While nothing will change what I've been through, I really need some answers on what is being done to make sure nobody else suffers in the same way I have.'

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Like always, "Buyer Beware".  People need to wise up!
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Washington 'church' holding a $450-a-ticket healing ceremony involving a 'miracle potion' that claims to cure 95% of all illnesses is slammed by the FDA, who say they're using BLEACH


Church founder Jim Humble (left) claims he found the 'miracle solution' (right) in South America. The potion has been dismissed by the FDA, who warn consumers to 'stop using it immediately.’

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Wholistic remedies can work. Sometimes. The problem is when people ignore getting medical care because they pursue wholistic care. It is a supplement, not a replacement. And the superior attitude people who partake of wholistic remedies is a huge part of the problem. People who get acupuncture are likely to be the worst, thinking the acupuncturist will know all, sense all, when they cannot.
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Woman, 39, dies of a heart attack after undergoing controversial toxin-purging  'kambo ceremony' that sees poison scraped off a tree frog and applied to skin


Natasha Lechner went into cardiac arrest after participating in a 'kambo ceremony' in her home in Mullumbimby, in northern NSW, on March 8.

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Herbalist Accused of Child Abuse After Harbor Boy’s Death Sentenced to Jail

An herbalist who treated a Harbor Gateway boy who died of diabetes complications received a four-month jail sentence, officials said Monday.

A jury last week found Timothy Morrow guilty of one count of practicing medicine without a license after a two-week trial, according to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

On Monday, a court sentenced him to 120 days in county jail and 48 months of summary probation. He must also pay a $5,000 fee, restitution to the 13-year-old victim’s family for funeral expenses, remove or withdraw publications and videos that recommend using herbs instead of following medical advice and issue a clear warning label on all his herbal products. Morrow was required to complete a one-year child abuser’s treatment counseling program as well.

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