Jesus Christ is found only in the Holy Bible.  That is where I find comfort and answers to any dilemmas I have.  Outside of the Holy Bible, how would you hear about, learn about, and know what Jesus can do?  And because the Bible is Holy, I will always capitalize the words.  What other book has stood the test of time?  Blessings and prayers for you sir, who does not believe.
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If you believe in Jesus and not the Bible, on which basis do you believe in Jesus? Jesus is basically only found in the Bible!  There is little evidence outside the Bible that he existed, so you have only the eye witness accounts of those who followed him and wrote the New Testament to go by!  Granted, since most of the people died as martyrs lends most to believe in their story, but without believing  in the Bible, Jesus probably isn't truly real to you.

Point 1 : Jesus is the LORD, The Yahweh, the God of the Old Testament!  Everyone of His promises are based on the Bible.  The hope of Christ is the fulfillment of the promises of the Bible!

Point 2:  The Bible can be proved! Logically!  Start reading our stories in The Plain Truth and see some of the predictions made only in the pages of the Bible that have actually come to pass.

Point 3:  Don't feel that bad that you think you believe in the Jesus, but not the Bible, as you are in good company! Most regrettably are in your fix and the Jesus of the Bible will do little to help you this time around.

Start reading the Bible. I would suggest a simple English translation at first. Do not make dogma on such a Bible, but you will get a basic understanding. If God is calling you, it will be enough!  You will get hooked and continue the learning process. If God isn't calling you, you will just fade away and join the ranks of 90% of the world's population!  Be calm--- God will eventually get to you and you will have your chance.  Keep reading and studying and if you feel like it - e-mail me sometimes on your progress or lack of it.
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I consider myself a Christian. I believe in god....I believe in Jesus. But I don't believe in much of the bible. As far as the bible goes, at the time it was written, countries were desperately trying to control the minds of their people. The bible is written by kings and those in power. So it is hard for me to believe what is said in a book written by MAN with his own agendas (god did not physically write the book, man did. And man is very much swayed by their own wants and opinions).

I believe religion is what you feel in your heart and soul, not what a book tells you. I believe in reincarnation. I think we pass through our lives learning about ourselves and forming bonds with those around us. How we live each life moves us up or down a notch in our spiritual ladder. At the end, we reach self realization and fulfillment.

As far as heaven and hell. I think we make our own heaven and hell based on how we live our string of lives. Heaven is at the top of our spiritual ladder, and hell is at the bottom, where you live with your own misery and torment you created. So called purgatory is the space between the two lives, where we wait for our next life, or live out our haven or hell.

Why reincarnation? Because I can't believe in a god who gives us one 80 year chance in life, and then if we mess up give us eternity in a fire pit being poked by a guy with a pitch fork. How can someone who created us, and loves us so much do that? What if the child is born in a cocaine town in Colombia. Raised only to know violence? Or, as far as the whole 'believe in Jesus or go to hell' theory, what about a child born in a village in a remote area. That child has no chance to ever know Jesus. So this person is automatically banned to hell when they die for never getting the chance to know Jesus? It is complete hypocrisy to the loving god taught in the bible IMO.

This is just what I feel in my heart, and how I believe the afterlife is. I see Christianity turning into a business more then a religion now,
and it makes me sad. The amount of hate and anger being created in some of these churches towards others 'not of the same yolk' is not what I think god intended.

Does anyone else have different views on Christianity?
The Plain Truth!
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