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There was a time we needed the FDA. We still do!  However, like the FBI, EPA, Education, etc.--these agencies needed to be purges of the leftist who are endangering all of us, not protecting us! 

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Ron Paul: Reform the FDA

There comes a moment on television when the host of the show seems backed into a corner on the subject of Ron Paul.

He must acknowledge the congressman's prescience on the economy. How he anticipated the housing bubble, the mortgage crisis, the credit downgrade and the price of gold. There is no question that the country is coming to him.

In 2008, most of the American people didn't know what the Federal Reserve is. Now most agree with Ron Paul that it should be thoroughly audited.

While GOP presidential candidates were trying to "outgun" their rivals last time around, they now pay homage to the large percentage of Americans who agree with Ron Paul that we should stop the endless wars that are bankrupting the country. And then flustered, backtracking, the host will seize some familiar anti-Paul device, too complicated to explain in a television sound bite, such as drug decriminalization, but usually it is his call to end the Federal Drug Administration.

"Well, we cannot have Ron Paul as president," the host will laugh nervously, "I am not for eliminating the FDA and eating tainted meat."

End of conversation.

Well, of course, Ron Paul supporters are likewise not in favor of eating tainted meat. And that is what drives the whole issue.

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