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 There are alot of companies ran like that. Look around. The employees lose their jobs because of the employers greed or incompetenceSad, but there is no way Sears can make a comeback. Two of its favored brands, Craftsman and Kenmore, have been overtaken by other brands and more savvy marketeers. Yes, it's ironic that Sears used to be the original mail order catalog store, but it failed miserably when it failed to get an online business up and running to compete with Amazon. Walmart and Best Buy held on because they knew they had to get into online marketing and sales, but Sears online marketing was not well planned and ultimately caused their failure because they could not compete. It's too late now.

Sears AVOIDS liquidation at the last minute: Retailer is kept alive after their Chairman Eddie Lampert makes a $4.4BILLION bid 


Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert's hedge fund said it submitted a last-minute bid Friday valued at $4.4 billion to keep the struggling retailer from being liquidated.


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Embattled Sears Chairman Edward Lampert bids $4.6 billion to rescue iconic retailer from bankruptcy that would save 500 stores and 50,000 jobs, as creditors call for it to close for good


Sears Holdings Corp Chairman Eddie Lampert's ESL Investments Inc has made an offer valued at $4.6 billion to keep the 125-year-old retailer from closing for good.

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I grew up with the catalog.. It's a Shame
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Sears files for bankruptcy after 132 years in business: Iconic retail giant collapses amid plunging sales, massive debts and the dominance of Amazon

Sears has filed for bankruptcy (David Zalubowski/AP)

Given its sheer size, Sears' bankruptcy filing will have wide ripple effects on everything from already ailing landlords to its tens of thousands of workers.

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