Sex and socialism
Posted: October 13, 2009
1:00 am Eastern

By Jayme S. Sellards

I know this is awkward, and even a little bit embarrassing, but it's time. That's right, it's time we had a talk about sex.

First, I want to make it clear that sex is simply another bodily function, and there is no meaning behind it at all. Second, love doesn't exist, so don't worry about waiting until you find the right person. In fact, you should engage in indiscriminate sex with anyone who happens to come along. Simply put, all sex is acceptable, at any time, at any age, and with anyone.

What? You're offended by what I just said? Well, I have to be honest and admit that's not really my sex talk. I'm simply paraphrasing Karl Marx. What's important to understand, though, is that while what I've just written may sound crazy to you, it is the precise socialist view of sex. You see, sexual promiscuity and deviance play an integral role in the establishment of a socialist system of government.

When most people hear the word "socialism," they think of it as an economic philosophy. The average person associates the term with the destruction of capitalism and the government takeover of the private sector. While this is certainly true, there is also a corresponding social component that is often overlooked. It is, after all, called "social"-ism.

Marx understood that capitalism does not stand on its own. The idea of the free market was invented by Western countries with Judeo-Christian ethics. Thus, he knew that anyone interested in destroying capitalism must also eradicate the underlying societal foundations that support it.

Are we witnessing the return of Karl Marx, or at least his anti-capitalist ideology? Compare today's developments with Marx's classic, "Das Kapital"

The most fundamental component of any society is the family. In Western Civilization, the family begins with the marriage of a man and a woman. During that marriage, the husband is traditionally the leader of the family and the provider of food, clothing and shelter. The wife creates a loving home and raises the children.

The bond between husband and wife is seen as spiritual, emotional and exclusive. Sex is the ultimate expression of this bond, and, significantly, a marriage is not consecrated until a husband and wife have been physically intimate. As such, premarital sex is discouraged in Western culture, as it cheapens and devalues the bond between husband and wife and, consequently, the meaning of marriage and family.

Socialism cannot operate under the familial model of Western Civilization. Under a socialist regime, there can be no traditional family, as the state is the leader of, and the provider for, everyone. Additionally, all spirituality and emotion must be reserved solely for the state. Therefore, Marx knew that in order to make socialism succeed, he had to find a way to destroy the family.

The easiest way to accomplish this goal, he found, was to encourage any and all sex. If sex was commonplace and unmarried individuals had relations with as many partners as they desired, sex would lose all of its spiritual and emotional meaning. Thus, marriage would become irrelevant, and families would eventually cease to exist.

To that end, Marx applied his economic philosophy to his view of marriage. Just as he preached that all private property should be abolished, he likewise preached that all private relationships should be abolished. In "The Communist Manifesto," Marx called for the "open community of women," meaning that no woman should be sexually exclusive to one man. Instead, women were to share themselves with all men, no strings attached. This is the origin of the "free love" movement popularized in the 1960s.

Indeed, it's no mistake that the rise in socialist-based entitlement programs in the 1960s coincided exactly with the rise of the "free love" movement. It was the socialist one-two punch against our traditional culture. "Sexual liberation" would devalue the meaning of sex and family, and the state would step in to fill the void, replacing the husband as leader and provider.

Over the past 40 years, we have witnessed the success of this plan. Year by year, we have gradually allowed the government to gain more and more control over our lives. At the same time, we have also gradually let go of our traditional sexual morals and accepted premarital sex, single motherhood, gay marriage and even pornography as mainstream and normal.

As we fight back against the left's radical economic agenda, let us not forget to fight back against their radical social agenda, as well. Realize, as the left does, that intact, traditional families do not look to the government for support. Families support themselves.

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