Report: Federal Worker Who Made Complaint Is CIA Officer

Report: CIA Officer Filed Deep State Complaint

Tammy Barney

2 Chronicles 7:14                

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
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Bob, here is a story you may want to check out for The Plain Truth.

Former UK ambassador: CIA sent people to be ‘raped with broken bottles’

The CIA relied on intelligence based on torture in prisons in Uzbekistan, a place where widespread torture practices include raping suspects with broken bottles and boiling them alive, says a former British ambassador to the central Asian country.

Craig Murray, the rector of the University of Dundee in Scotland and until 2004 the UK's ambassador to Uzbekistan, said the CIA not only relied on confessions gleaned through extreme torture, it sent terror war suspects to Uzbekistan as part of its extraordinary rendition program.

"I'm talking of people being raped with broken bottles," he said at a lecture late last month that was re-broadcast by the Real News Network. "I'm talking of people having their children tortured in front of them until they sign a confession. I'm talking of people being boiled alive. And the intelligence from these torture sessions was being received by the CIA, and was being passed on."

Human rights groups have long been raising the alarm about the legal system in Uzbekistan. In 2007, Human Rights Watch declared that torture is "endemic" to the country's justice system.

Murray said he only realized after his stint as ambassador that the CIA was sending people to be tortured in Uzbekistan, country he describes as a "totalitarian" state that has never moved on from its communist era, when it was a part of the Soviet Union.

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The Plain Truth is that we have the ability through drugs, and other means to turn unstable people into assassins, mass shooters and worse!   Think about that when the next ex-vet shoots up a school, or a kid does, on mind control ADHD Ritalin)drugs!   YOUR CIA (the ones trying to take down Trump, helped kill Kennedy, etc) is OUR ENEMY!

DISTURBING details of secret mind-control experiments carried out by the CIA have been revealed in newly released documents - that officials have been trying to hide for decades. 

The new documents, released under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal how the CIA experimented on both humans and animals using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices as part of the top secret - and illegal - mind control project MKUltra.

The CIA carried out a covert programme of mind-control experiments during the 50s and 60s

Shockingly the swathes of information still missing or redacted in the records could mean the CIA is STILL carrying out the experiments to this day, according to experts.

One document details how the CIA planned to drug “criminals awaiting trial held in a prison hospital ward” in a bid to develop “improved techniques in drug interrogation”. 

Another document details the CIA’s interest in developing ways to cause amnesia in humans using experiments “no matter how weird, inconclusive or unusual”.

It goes on to detail how they were looking to find ways of developing hypnotic speaking techniques which would control the minds of “large audiences” and “heighten group susceptibility”.

Experiments which were “too dangerous, too shocking, too unusual for routine testing would be of interest to us,” the memo from 1956 reads. 


This document details plans to drug inmates at a prison hospital then interrogate them

The records also detail mind control experiments on dogs, cats and mice with a cocktail of drugs and by implanting electronic devices - most likely as a precursor to human experiments. 

They also researched electric fish who can zap each other with electricity in a bit to create a super soldier who could do the same thing.  

The records were obtained by researcher John Greenewald Jr, who published them last week on his website The Black Vault

John, 37, from Castaic, California, told Sun Online he has been fighting since 1999 to get the CIA to hand over the documents and says they “completely rewrite the history” of the controversial project.



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The Democrats (Progressive Marxists) raved about how Carter was a BRILLIANT NUCLEAR Engineer (not exactly) he had a bachelor of Science from the Naval Academy. NOT BAD, but BRILLIANT!! then came REAGAN...well, he was just a grade "B" ACTOR..."stupid" guess it was because he wasn't one of the MARXIST HOLLYWOOD ACTORS. Then came BUMBLING WEALTHY BUSINESSMAN BUSH...As long as he was POTUS...but became beloved of the Democrats when he was discovered to be a LOT MORE New England Liberal than TEXAS like Bush 43, who also was the BUTT OF THE DEMOCRATS Disdain because he wasn't REALLY VERY SMART. NOT LIKE CLINTON....who also was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT as was his wife! TWO GENIUSES... "TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!!!" THEN OBAMA, well, there was simply no defining this HARVARD GENIUS!! Even got a NOBEL PRIZE FOR THINKING...not doing anything, but THINKING. Nancy NOW has a problem with a person presenting themselves as a GENIUS!!! She doesn't have that problem, BUT Trump IS A Genius, proven!
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Revealed: The towering NSA ‘spy hubs’ hidden in plain sight in cities across the country ‘peering into Americans lives from their own backyards’

The NSA ‘spy hubs’ hidden in plain sight across the country

Eight AT&T facilities across the U.S. are being used by the NSA to spy on American and foreign citizens, according to an investigation by The Intercept. The buildings - in Chicago, Seattle, New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas and Los Angeles - are known as 'peering' facilities' and processes data from both AT&T customers and those of other U.S. internet providers, giving the NSA access to billions of internet users' emails, social media posts and internet browsing.

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jackie wrote:
Everything is spying on us today. Amazon, Google, The govt- you name it.
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Is YOUR smart TV at risk of being hacked? Consumer Reports warns MILLIONS of Samsung and Roku devices have 'easy-to-find security flaws'


A new study from Consumer Reports found that the top smart TV models in the US can be hacked relatively easily. Additionally, TV manufacturers can spy on your family through them

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Everything is spying on us today. Amazon, Google, The govt- you name it.
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Smart city technology goes wild...

Car knows more about you than spouse does...

AMAZON plan to put camera, microphone in every BEDROOM...
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Is YOUR TV spying on you? Vizio to pay $2.2 million for tracking and selling viewing data without users' consent


Internet-connected TVs sold by California-based Vizio contained Automated Content Recognition software (ACR) which tracked second-by-second viewing information.

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The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV: Agency director says it will 'transform' surveillance

When people download a film from Netflix to a flatscreen, or turn on web radio, they could be alerting unwanted watchers to exactly what they are doing and where they are.

Spies will no longer have to plant bugs in your home - the rise of 'connected' gadgets controlled by apps will mean that people 'bug' their own homes, says CIA director David Petraeus.

The CIA claims it will be able to 'read' these devices via the internet - and perhaps even via radio waves from outside the home.

A Sony internet TV: The rise of 'connected' devices in the home offers spies a window into people's lives - CIA director David Petraeus says the technologies will 'transform' surveillance

A Sony internet TV: The rise of 'connected' devices in the home offers spies a window into people's lives - CIA director David Petraeus says the technologies will 'transform' surveillance

General David Petraeus, former head of the allied forces in Afghanistan, is sworn in as the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency on September 6, 2011 in the White House

General David Petraeus, former head of the allied forces in Afghanistan, is sworn in as the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency on September 6, 2011 in the White House

Everything from remote controls to clock radios can now be controlled via apps - and chip company ARM recently unveiled low-powered, cheaper chips which will be used in everything from fridges and ovens to doorbells.

The resultant chorus of 'connected' gadgets will be able to be read like a book - and even remote-controlled, according to CIA CIA Director David Petraeus, according to a recent report by Wired's 'Danger Room' blog.

Petraeus says that web-connected gadgets will 'transform' the art of spying - allowing spies to monitor people automatically without planting bugs, breaking and entering or even donning a tuxedo to infiltrate a dinner party.

'Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,' said Petraeus.

'Particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft. Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters -  all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing.'

Petraeus was speaking to a venture capital firm about new technologies which aim to add processors and web connections to previously  'dumb' home appliances such as fridges, ovens and lighting systems.

This week, one of the world's biggest chip companies, ARM, has unveiled a new processor built to work inside 'connected' white goods.

The ARM chips are smaller, lower-powered and far cheaper than previous processors - and designed to add the internet to almost every kind of electrical appliance.

It's a concept described as the 'internet of things'.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2115871/The-CIA-wants-spy-TV-Agency-director-says-net-connected-gadgets-transform-surveillance.html#ixzz1pO6nI17m

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