The Saga Of Creation vs Evolution

DID YOU KNOW-Long before human technicians, termites created intricate systems of air conditioning, dug wells 120 feet deep and built central cities with satellite suburbs?

Long before human architects and carpenters, animals invented hinged doors, overhanging roofs, cells with waterproof walls?

The first diving bell was invented by the water spider?

What is the origin of sex?

What is the origin of the amusing courtship rituals among birds, fish and mammals?

Did you know there are amoeba which can live in boiling temper features of the hot springs at Yellowstone Park? How can they do it?

What about so-called "fossil man"?

Are Zinjanthropus africanus and homo habilis PRE-ADAMIC? Were there "ape-men" on earth before Adam?

All these subjects and many more are covered in THE FIRST GENESIS.

Erupting volcanoes, massive cataclysms, torrential floods, the origin of life, the ultimate "Big Bang" of the universe, the human brain-the most complex organization of molecules in the universe-are all explored in this exciting, challenging new volume.

William F. Dankenbring, a well-known author of books and articles, speaks out regarding dogmatism in science and theology. A creative thinker, unorthodox in his approach and startling in his conclusions, he unhesitatingly shows the fallacies of both orthodox evolutionary science and conventional religious thinking. He then presents a bold new synthesis of factual science and Biblical interpretation

His intriguing and amazing theory, reconciling controversial issues in religion and science, deserves to be read by every educated person, whether layman, housewife, theologian, scientist or scholar.

Reviews have called The First Genesis

"Remarkable," "Superb, "The best book on creation and evolutionary theory ever written."

But read it for yourself. It will challenge your thinking and lead you to re-examine your beliefs and convictions and inspire you toward a deeper knowledge and appreciation of truth!


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