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Also known as Bocourt's terrific skink, the terror skink is a lizard with uniquely long, curved teeth. It was rediscovered in 2003 after last being sighted in 1876. That 1876 sighting was of just one solitary skink, so scientists assumed that the species had died out shortly thereafter.


It was seen then on an uninhabited small island called New Caledonia in the South Pacific Ocean. Now it has been confirmed to exist on similar small islands in the South Pacific, so if you ever take a sunny cruise down that way, look out for terror skinks! They're considered a top predator.


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Many animals are thought to be extinct (probably some liberal anti-human bias to some of this, that turn out to be alive and well)...   As you will see in the coming weeks, there are many!

Explorers find species thought to be extinct amid ancient ruins of 'Lost City of the Monkey God' deep in the rainforests of Honduras 

Explorers find species thought to be extinct amid ancient ruins of Honduras 

The three-week mission, carried out by a team of scientists led by Conservation International 's Rapid Assessment Program, discovered a veritable ecological treasure trove at the hidden ruins, scientists announced on Thursday. Among the rediscovered species which were believed extinct are: The Pale-faced Bat (main), which had not been reported in Honduras for more than 75 years; the False Tree Coral Snake (top right), which had not been reported in Honduras since 1965; and a tiger beetle (not pictured), which had only ever been recorded in Nicaragua and was thought to be extinct.

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