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Today Mark's God's Feast of Tabernacles ... Feast of what?

By Bob Barney  (originally published Sept 30, 2009)
      Most of our readers probably have never heard of the Feast of Tabernacles, but

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Today Mark's God's Feast of Tabernacles .


William F. Dankenbring

image from <a href=" title="image from" />There is far more meaning and deep spiritual significance to the Feast of Tabernacles than many have ever realized! In this article we explore the deeper, hidden meanings to this Festival of God -- the Feast of Sukkoth -- also called the "Feast of Ingathering" -- and the little understood rituals,  laws and commandments that were commanded for this annual Holy Festival -- Ha Hag Adonai -- "The Feast of the Lord"-- also called Zeman Simchateinu -- "the Season of our Joy"! What is "sukkot" all about? What about all the sacrifices? And what is the "lulav" and why is it important?
Here is vital new spiritual TRUTH!


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