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Many People think that Christ was born on the Day of Atonement. He was not born on Dec 25th-That we know

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I've always thought that if we were supposed to know the exact date he was born, it would have been in the bible, clear for everyone to see. So I've always thought that it must not be important, and one day if we are to know, we will be given the knowledge.

It's is a good discussion tho....

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There is no exact date. Most probably in the autumn (flocks in the pasture at night, which they are not in the winter), and some believe on one of the Holy days. Feast of Trumpets (1st day of the 7th Month- out Sept 16th), The day of Atonement(9th day at night or10th day of 7th month -- our Sept 24-25th) and possibly during the actual feast. I have a theory that it is September 25th (Day of Atonement- when sins are forgiven). The Day of Atonement is a 24 hour period over 2 days(like our Christmas eve and Christmas day).  So Christ may have been born at about midnight or later on the 24th, or during the next day.

Here is a fascinating side note. December 25th is most probably the date of Mary's impregnation. 9 months later is September 25th. Works out pretty neatly. We know that John was born 3 months before Jesus, or 6 months after Mary's impregnation. Even the Catholic Church Celebrates June 24th as John's birthday!  Works like a fine tuned clock!

God has not revealed the date, so we aren't to spend too much time on thinking about it. There are more important things to do!

Good question.

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So I was curious as to what people have found on the date as to when Jesus was born?  Obviously the world has its speculations but I was curious as to the EXACT date?  

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