In 8th grade. I realized all that my dad (in the navy) had warned us about was coming true. I changed that day, and began to listen to him and others that has warned us about the dangers in the world. Through this search I discovered your site (through racerap) and have been an avid reader ever since.
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Tammy and I and our daughter, who was involved in a traffic accident was in court that morning when we heard the news and watched the policemen in the room nervously read their pagers.  I talked to my other daughter (Tamster) at the store who told us what was going on.  I asked several officers why we were still in a courthouse, which considering the town, may be a target. Everyone agreed, but the courthouse wasn't shut down. I sent Tammy and our daughter to the car.  When the judge called for them, I stood up, told him I sent them to the car, and I thought it was foolish to still be having a hearing. He agreed, apologized and dismissed the case. I left, went to the store and watched TV in horror for another week!
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I was driving on I-64 near the Busch Gardens exit when a family friend called my cell phone and gave me the news. I arrived at my brothers house a few minutes later and told him we need to turn on the TV. I'll never forget those images. I'll never forget human beings jumping out of windows because they saw jumping as the best option.
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I was working in a tiny office and got a call from my husband saying that a plane had hit into one of the twin towers. I first thought it was a Cessna or some small plane. As the day unfolded, I turned on the TV and watched the mayhem in disbelief, listening to the words unfold in a surreal fashion. When I realized our country was under attack, I wondered what the schools were doing. Did my son, who was in 5th grade, know what was happening? Were they going to send the children's home early? So, I called the school and the line was busy. I called time and again and kept getting a busy signal. Finally, I drove over to the school, and the school was in lock down. The doors were normally open prior to 9/11/10. I eventually got a teacher to come to the door, and she said that they were not releasing early, but the explained that the school was in lock down and that the younger children were not being told of the situation. The older children (7th & 8th graders) were being told. I went back to work and the fuzzy TV. I remember trying to work, but being unable to concentrate. I will never forget the day when America went to war, or the fact that we are still at war, even though most no longer realize it.
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Was eating breakfast before work, was scrolling to local weather and passed CNN and thought I saw a plane hit the WTC, kept going and then went back. Will never ever forget that feeling or sitting there and watching everything unfold.
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I was in 11th grade. I remember our teachers taking us to our school's cafeteria because it was the only room big enough for all of our classes to go and watch.
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I was working for Sampson Monarch, about 4 months out of High School. I was driving to a customer to make a delivery, when I was listening to Mancow say that a plane flew into the 1st trade center building. I was in shock. I remember how we all thought from listening to the radio and tv, that it was a accident, but then when the 2nd plane hit, we all knew it was not a accident.

I remember getting to checkered flag for the delivery and telling the painters what happened. They had not heard yet. It was total shock, people ran to the lunch room to turn the tv on. It was such a different time, even though it was 11 years ago.

People were not on Facebook, with instant new alerts from tv stations, people were not texting, people didn't have the internet on there phones. I remember it took time for the news to spread.

I called my Mom who was in a court house with my sister and Dad, and left a voice mail about it. Then when a plane hit the pentagon, I remember thinking we live in the largest military place in the country. We were thinking Norfolk would be a target. I just remember fear and sadness.

I remember watching the building fall in total and complete horror. We all thought how could they fall? They aren't meant to fall, they were built to handle this? Then I remember thinking what about all the people trapped, how are they going to get out?

Seeing the people walking the streets of New York covered in dust and aimlessly walking around was so sad.

I was 18, new into the world and thought what has just happened?
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At a construction site when I heard the news on the radio. I'll never forget that day. I'm afraid many Americans have.
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I was in my second year in college. Somebody came in and said "The World Trade Towers fell over!"  We turned on TV and saw the horrible videos we will never forget. This journey led me to god.
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What were you doing on 9-11? What are you memories?

Might be interesting.....  Anyone can comment...


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