Good repeat for today's Sabbath! My suggestion is to first assume this... Every Law in the Bible is there for a reason. We are not to decide which law is good and which is bad. Like in a courtroom, we are to look for laws enacted for a certain time, and may not hold fast today. For example, Jesus said Moses allowed for divorce (he never gave God credit for this law) and quoted an EARLIER law as the one that was really meant for us to follow by God.  Each Law has a meaning, we are to ponder always the meaning of God's laws and not be too quick to "abolish" any.  The cutting the corners of your beard law had to do with the practice of pagans that shaved the corners of their beards. Believe it or not. this law does apply today in some circumstances. Many catholic priests do shave a bald spot on their heads - an ancient pagan sun worship sign. If you are doing this, you broke a law that is still in effect!
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timely study!  Maybe you want to use this on your sabbath study.
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Do you ever wonder how to figure out what God wants you to do in those gray areas of life? Recently while reading through one of my favorite fast moving books of the Bible, namely Leviticus, I thought how confusing the Bible can be. I mean, what am I supposed to think when “don’t clip your sideburns too short” is right next to “don’t practice fortune-telling” (chapter 19)? Or what about “don’t get tattoos” right next to “don’t turn your daughter into a prostitute”?


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