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I for years followed the doctrine of the Sabbath starting Friday evening, as Jews do. Bob and his articles on the subject has convinced me that the Sabbath day, as well as all days begin in the morning when the sun rises.
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Sabbath Keeper
I followed your logic and the words in my Bible and have been convinced of the morning day theme you write about.  It never made sense to me to start a new day at midnight, or in the evening.  Once you have the key, and reread Genesis 1 it all becomes clear. Genesis 1:5 reads, “And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day."

Eye opening!   God Bless 
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"and the evening and the morning were the first day." The morning is not the day, it is the exact time when dawn breaks. The Bible doesn't say the 'evening and the day' were the first day. God does His creation work is during the daytime. Then comes evening, then comes morning, THE END of the 24 hour day. Then the next day begins and God starts His work again. Stops at evening, until morning the second day. FOR A MUCH LONGER and better argument:



Roland De Vaux is the expert of experts on Ancient Israel. A Catholic scholar, one of only a few to ever touch the Dead Sea scrolls and he proves beyond any doubt that Israel followed a morning day UNTIL their captivity in Babylon, when they changed their calendar to the pagan Babylonian Calendar (look at some of the names of Jewish months! I.E.- Tammuz!(Nimrod)). We see constantly in the Book of John the terms "sons of light" (those who followed a morning day) and sons of darkness (those who followed the pagan evening day that Jews follow to this day. The Essenses followed the morning day, by the way. They were correct in calendar and in the day. The Jewish calendar is also totally pagan. IT IS NOT THE CALENDAR of the Bible! The Bible calendar has only 12 - 30 day months! You will never see a 13th month. In the 42 months (Revel) prophecy. We see that 3-1/2 years = 42 months= 1260 days. The Jewish calendar has a 13th month every three years, so John's prohecy would have 43 months, not 42 if he was following a Jewish calendar!


One last point, the Book of John proves that Jesus was following a morning day. The girls get to the tomb just at the end of the Sabbath towards dawn ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK! It was still dark, just as it is early in the morning. Now one can say that the 1st day really was already 12 hours old, but the other gospels even say "as it was dawning on the first day of the week." But that is not all. Read CAREFULLY Jhn 20:19 "                 Then the same day at evening, being the first [day] of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace [be] unto you." Did you notice that Sunday NIGHT in the dark, John still calls it the first day of the week --- SUNDAY! If the day began in the evening, then it would have been Monday, the second day of the week! Right?


JESUS DID NOT RAISE TO LIFE ON SUNDAY --- He was already long gone Saturday at twilight! It was still the Sabbath. JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD ON HIS DAY--- The Sabbath! An empty tomb was found on Sunday!






The Jewish Passover is almost always wrong. I am not 100% certain that the calendar we follow is God's (because the truth is God has hid his Biblical calendar) but I am 99.9% certain of the date of Passover and Pentecost. Passover almost always falls 14 days after the spring Equinox (using "sunrise days") and is usually the evening of April 2 and the daytime of April 3rd. Why 2 sunrise-type days, and only one "Jewish type" day? The answer is the 14th is never the high day. Passover is not an 8 day feast as all follow, Ezekiel says it is only 7 days and the Torah says must be from the 14-21st!


Day 1: 14th at evening slaughter the Lamb - Last Supper - Jesus arrested a Tues nite. April 2nd

Day 2: 15th Day Passover Day! Holy Sabbath. Jesus Dies entombed. A Wedsn

Day 3: 16th Day Jesus entombed on Thursday April 4th

Day 4: 17th Day Jesus entombed Friday April 5th

Day 5: 18th Day. Jesus resurrection at sundown on the Sabbath April 6th

Day 6: Tomb empty a Sunday

Day 7: Last Day of Passover  Monday April 8th


NOW the next Day (Day 8) is another Feast Day called the FEAST of Firstfruits(Jesus ascends to heaven????) This was April 9th. We start counting 50 days to Pentecost from THIS DAY.  HOWEVER, the Sabbath part of this day ends at SUNDOWN (just like Passover started at sundown) which is probably why the ancient Jews in capitivity easily migrated towards "evening days." At sundown, one can start to eat leavened bread again. Just like, one can eat leavened bread on the day of the 14th, but not after sundown!


The problem with the calendar is we know that a Biblical year is 360 days long, and 5-6 "no days" are never counted. The year starts on the equinox, so after the 7th month (when festivals end) the calendar ends 5-6 days short and those days are just not counted. The Egyptians did things this way. My problem is that the Jubilee calendar of the Essenes adds those days throughout the year to always keep the same dates on the same days. I do not think they were right, but they may be! I see no Bible evidence to do so, and Moses who gave the calendar back to the Israelites doesn't tell us. De Vaux, and myself ASSUME (maybe wrongly) that Moses was already used to the way in keeping the calendar accurate. He merely did what the Egyptians did... Have 5-6 no days at the end of the year. (No one worked). Moses was learned in all of the ways of the Egyptians, the Bible tells us. God has hidden his calendar from us because it protects us from NOT following the Holidays! It becomes His fault and not ours. The true calendar and true celebrations of these days will NOT start again until after Christ returns.


A note to former WWCG member..... Before you ask, I DO NOT AGREE with the Armstrong's that the 7 annual Holidays are mandatory, although I follow them. Why? The Books of Joshua and Acts give the answer. The Israelites in their 40 years of wanderings NEVER circumcised their children, yet God allowed it! So, the early church did not manadate to circumcise converts (although many still did it) either. We are like the children of Israel, wandering in the sea of sin (this world) until Christ returns (symbolized by Joshua crossing the river Jordan. It is only right before the crossing, did Joshua force circumcision and the people began to follow the Holy Days. Note Joshua tells us that NO PASSOVERS or other Holy Days happened in those 40 years! Yet theose children were under the Law. The 4th commandment does not apply to the Annual Sabbaths, only the weekly Saturday Sabbath. Read the 4th commandment. The Armstrongs argued that the annual Sabbaths are included, Joshua proves that they are not.


A side note: Paul followed the Passover and the Holy Days as a Christian. He could because he was circumcised! "No uncircumcised male can eat the Passover" says God (look up those words for the verse). That's why the Israelites in the desert couldn't celebrate the Passover, they were not circumcised! Acts 15 says one does not need to be circumcised to be in the church. We should be, but it isn't needed NOW. It will be required again in the world to come, ruled by Christ. All the Law will be enforced and not just the 10 commandments! April 3 

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