How the heroic Michael Flynn may have prevented WWIII

Now that the three-year deep state coup against President Trump has been defeated, and the whole world knows the "Russian collusion" hoax was pure Democratic propaganda, it is time to revisit what I believe was the single most treasonous act by Barack Obama of his traitorous two-term presidency. I am speaking of Obama's attempt to trigger a hot war with Russia in late December 2016 in what I believe was a gambit to initiate martial law and prevent the transfer of power to Donald Trump, and I am speaking of Gen. Michael Flynn's heroic intervention on Dec. 29 of that year, which thwarted Obama's treachery and brought down the full wrath of the deep state upon himself. I believe Gen. Flynn is one of the greatest heroes in American history and that he literally saved us from a shooting war with Russia that could have very easily and quickly spiraled into World War III.

Let's take a careful look back at that dangerous season when the narcissist megalomaniac Obama and the power-mad Clintons were seething with rage at Hillary's defeat in the November election, incredulous that they would not only be forced to surrender power to Trump, but that all of their criminality, and that of their Democratic co-conspirators, might very well be exposed and punished.

Thanks to what appears to be an act of political revenge by Bernie Sanders supporter (and soon to be murder victim) Seth Rich, the fallout from Hillary's world-shaking WikiLeaks email scandal had not only cost the Clinton/Obama/Biden team the White House, but opened a Pandora's box of multiple existential crises. Faced with this massive swarm of threats, the greatest criminal minds of our generation launched a massive and multifaceted conspiracy that would eventually bring every asset in their considerable arsenal to bear against Donald Trump. 

Importantly, the first objective was to prevent President-Elect Trump from ever taking office, and only when that failed did their treasonous efforts shift to the now-defeated coup d'etat.

The key to both phases was Russia. After the Clintons had sucked all they could from the so-called "Russian Reset" policy (e.g., boatloads of cash from the sale to Russia of massive quantities of U.S. uranium), the Obama/Clinton/Biden/Pelosi/Soros machine reversed course and reignited the Cold War by staging a coup to oust the pro-Russian president of Ukraine.

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Trump has handled foreign policy better than anyone really expected and showed just how wrong the "experts" have been all along!
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Trump says Bolton would have started 'World War Six' if he had not been ejected from White House

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That was a fast war!  

Iran Agrees De-escalation ‘Only Solution’ to Solve Crises

’WWIII’ Update:

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World War III — Already Over?

Trump: Iran ‘Standing Down’

Zero American Casualties

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 08: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks from the White House on January 08, 2020 in Washington, DC. During his remarks, Trump addressed the Iranian missile attacks that took place last night in Iraq and said, ‚ÄúAs long as I am president of the United States, Iran …

Trump: “Iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world.”

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